Garden shrubs: pruning

Garden shrubs: pruning

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For the garden shrubs which have an ornamental function la pruning it is a necessary operation. In fact, it is with pruning that the shape of the shrubs is kept elegant and harmonious, and that every year the beautiful flowering of oleanders, rhododendrons, azaleas and so on is guaranteed ...

There is not only aesthetics though. There pruning of shrubs it also has a healing function because it allows the elimination of dead wood or wood damaged by the cold, where it is easier for parasites and diseases of various types to settle. It is also possible to eliminate the tangles of branches and leaves that prevent light and air from adequately reaching the center of the plant. In short, pruning is useful and allows you to keep them healthy garden shrubs.

Young garden shrubs

On the garden shrubs young, the so-called 'breeding pruning' is effective, with which dead branches are removed and too weak ones are eliminated by cutting them above the main branch. At the same time, the shape of the shrub is adjusted, shortening the branches that are too long and cutting those that have grown in a disorderly way in half length. This pruning can be done every year, at all times of the year, even if the most suitable are spring and autumn.

theAttention: in garden shrubs obtained by grafting, it is always necessary to eliminate all suckers and suckers that form under the graft or underground. In fact, they retain the characteristics of the rootstock and not of the grafted cultivar.

Garden shrubs to rejuvenate

Rejuvenation pruning is that which is carried out from time to time, even at intervals of several years, and which is used to revitalize garden shrubs that have become too tall and intricate over time. The best time for rejuvenating pruning of garden shrubs is the end of winter or the beginning of spring. Immediately after the treatment, the shrub will be unguarded, but then it will greatly benefit from this pruning.

How to prune garden shrubs

First you need a sturdy and well-sharpened pruning shears. Uneven cuts promote infections and should be avoided: rather go over the cut by shortening more. The cut must always be oblique and a few centimeters above a bud: an external bud if you want the plant to develop towards the outside, vice versa for the inside. Inward development, however, is recommended only if the central part of the shrub is unguarded.

The branches to be cut are all dead and damaged ones. However, pruning is also done on healthy branches with the aim of shortening them or favoring their new flowering. In this regard it must be remembered that they exist garden shrubs that bloom on the branch of the year and others that bloom on the branch of the previous year. Depending on the case, the pruning period changes.

Shrubs that bloom on the branches of the year. We intervene in late winter or early spring on all of the previous year. Only 2-3 buds are left from which new branches will develop and bear the flowers. This is the case with oleander pruning.

Shrubs that bloom on the branches of the previous year. We intervene at the end of flowering by pruning the branches that have brought the flowers. Doing so will stimulate new shoots that will bring buds the following spring.

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