How to cure styes, prevention and natural remedies

How to cure styes, prevention and natural remedies

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The sty is an annoying and unsightly swelling and redness of the eyelid, accompanied by the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. It also often causes itching and pain. In these cases, the wisest thing is to contact your doctor, who can prescribe the treatment to follow; generally it consists in the use of antibiotic ointments or specific eye drops. However, there are completely natural methods that can relieve symptoms. In this regard, let's see how to cure sty following our directions.

How to cure sty, prevention
A sty is formed due to the inflammation of certain sebaceous glands located at the base of the lashes or on the eyelids. Certainly there are individuals more predisposed than others, and the frequent appearance of sty can become a constant. To prevent the appearance of sty, careful and constant cleaning of eyes and hands is essential and avoid touching your eyes frequently. In fact, numerous bacteria tend to lurk on the hands which could, in the event of rubbing, transfer with extreme ease into the sebaceous glands found on the eyelids.
Another preventive remedy is frequent cleaning of the eye area: while bathing or showering, it is advisable to gently clean the eyelashes, using a mild soap.

How to cure sty, remedies
As we have already mentioned in the introduction, in addition to the use of ointments or eye drops prescribed by the doctor, there are home remedies that can alleviate the problem while waiting for the prescribed treatment to take effect.
For example, we can apply compresses to the eye in the morning and in the evening: just wet a cotton ball in boric water and squeeze it slightly.
Even sage and chamomile packs, available in herbal medicine, have a strong soothing effect; they must be applied to the eye for at least five minutes. Preparing the pack is very simple, just put a spoonful of one of these herbs in half a liter of boiling water; when the infusion is lukewarm, we can use the classic cotton pad. Remember that the heat will help to release the infected liquid. And speaking of chamomile, know that it is also effective against dark circles. For further information, please refer to the article "How to cure dark circles"

How to cure sty, useful information

  • Do not touch, crush, rub, squeeze or try to remove the sty
  • Increase hygiene measures to keep the area clean
  • Do not use cosmetics until the eye has healed completely
  • Do not use contact lenses because they could become contaminated and transfer bacteria to the healthy eye

Since the eyes are directly connected to the lymphatic and blood system, it is best to consult a doctor before applying any medicine to avoid any eye and vision problems.

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