Body temperature in dogs: how to calculate it

Body temperature in dogs: how to calculate it

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Body temperature of dogs: it must be clear that it should be measured, with a thermometer, and not evaluated by the nose. And not even looking at our pet's nose. Dry nose, wet nose: it can depend not only on the health of the dog but also on the external conditions, on the temperature of the house, for example, on the fact that it has been around for a walk, exploring who knows what meanders. Lucy, my Bernese mountain dog, puts his nose everywhere, it is almost never dry… but it has to be! The humidity of the truffle can also depend on the intrinsic characteristics of the individual animal, moreover, and cannot really be a source of information on body temperature of dogs. The nose, let's let them, the dogs, to find treasures, treats or whatever, not us to cure them of any ailments.

We can therefore dismiss the wet nose or dry nose dilemma, and take seriously how to measure the body temperature of dogs. Certainly not before knowing that on average it is about 38-38.2 degrees, while in puppies it is about 38.5-38.8 degrees, in general, for less anxious and caring owners, we can say that the body temperature of dogs healthy must be between 38 and 39 degrees. When it is over 40 degrees la body temperature of dogs it is fever, and also high: one can speak of hyperthermia and it is best to call a vet. Even above 39.4 degrees, even though it is a moderate fever, a quick call to the vet, even just for a consultation, is advisable.

The cases of hypothermia they are not to be underestimated at all, it is better to call for help, especially if there body temperature of dogs it is below 36.7 degrees, a temperature that is perfect for us humans. But instead… on all fours it is not like that. Our dog is healthy if the temperature is above at least 37.8 degrees, so let's arm ourselves with a thermometer, better if rectal, and let's see.

Disinfectant, Vaseline, oblique bulb to the anus, should be inserted for about 2 minutes, for at least 1-1.5 cm, away from meals, preferably in the morning, when the temperature is lower. After a run, or a nap in the sun, or just at the end of a long walk, the body temperature of dogs it may show anomalies that do not necessarily mean that they are not well, so better not to take the measurement at these times.

Rectal or not, the best thermometer is the one you would use for a baby, with a small, electronic and unbreakable bulb. Fast, with an extra flexible measuring tip and audible alarm, and especially with a dog smiling on top, there is a yellow mercury-free and glass-free thermometer to measure the body temperature of dogs in complete safety and sympathy. Compared to traditional mercury thermometers, digital rectal like this and many others, take less time and is a valuable feature, especially if the dog is of size L, or XL, or XXL, like my Lucy. Even 30 more seconds in which to hold it still involves commitment and the presence of at least a second person, if not the whole family.

A sharp "no" from any expert, you will come to the idea of ​​measuring tbody temperature of dogs orally. Alternatives to the recommended rectal thermometer, are the earphone or mercury. The first measures the body temperature of dogs directly into the dog's ears, it is similar to those used by us humans, but it must be taken into account that dogs are much less patient and are not aware of why we suddenly want to put something in their ears.

THE mercury thermometers they are almost out of business, but if someone is still around, opt for the pediatric ones, more subtle. And remember that the time to measure the body temperature of dogs so it extends to 3 minutes, minimum, better if 4 or 5.
However, make no mistake - rectal, mercury or ear thermometer - that it is a pleasure to measure body temperature of dogs, neither for them, nor for us. Of course if we had maybe had a game like the Clinica Degli Animaletti, with a whole set of veterinary tools including stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, in fact, perhaps we would be more skilled. We can eventually educate children, grandchildren, or children of friends with a gift that paves the way for a veterinary career. To complete the work, the dog to be dragged is excellent ... if it has a fever, it can happen.

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