Tire disposal, it's free for everyone

Tire disposal, it's free for everyone

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Thetire disposalit's free, so beware of anyone who asks you for a contribution; in addition, the garages that deal with the disassembly and assembly of tires are required, by law, to report to a consortium for the tire disposal, then to the free collection of used tires. Once the tire fitting center has collected the old tires, it will have to register them and deliver them to the consortium for disposal.

Is tire disposal free?

We talk aboutfree tire disposalbecause there is no commission to be paid at the time of transferring the old onestires. In fact, all motorists when they buynew tiresthey already pay an amount to ensure it is correctdisposal.

In other words, ittire disposalyou pay in advance, together with the purchase of new ones tiresbut don't expect large numbers, the charge is 2.80 euros for each tire.

This practice is mandatory by law, as established by thelegislationof theMinisterial Decree No. 82 of 11 April 2011. Who sellstires,at the same time as the sale of each "tire", it charges an amount that can vary according to weight. On average, we are talking about 3 euros for itdisposalof each tire. The cost of about 3 euros for it disposal of a single tire is a good compromise! When the consumer buys new tires for his car, he pays the disposal in advance with an increase of less than 12 euros on the final cost of the four tires.

The contribution for thetire disposalis marked on the invoice at the time of purchase of the fourtiresnew. In the following screen shot (yes, my car has 18 "wheels!) We showed you the voice dedicated totire disposalpresent in the order detail of one of the many online tire retailers.

You will also find the same item by purchasing tires from your trusted dealer. Be aware that the rate of 2.80 euros for ittire disposalit is not fixed but varies according to weight.

Tire disposal, how to do it

Quite simply, when you go to the assembly center, the expert will keep your old peopletiresand then give them to the collection and disposal consortium.

There is no possibility that private citizens can replace a tire on their car by themselves, at home. The replacement of the tires is carried out in the workshops with special machines, at most in the domestic environment the entire wheel (rim + tire) could be replaced, in this case, the wheel must be delivered to the appropriate ecological islands or following the prepared plans from the municipality of residence.

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