Tax incentives for land reuse

Tax incentives for land reuse

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A new amendment, to curb theland consumption, he introducestax incentivesfor reuse and urban regeneration in the building world.

Thetax incentivesare a powerful tool, if used in the service of the environment they can make the difference betweenenvironmental disastersand protection of the territory. The Italian State and the competent bodies are working hard in these terms, to date the following are available:

  • Tax deductions on the renovation of a building with larger bonuses for those who plan to improve the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of the building being renovated. To know more:Renovation bonus.
  • Tax deductions provided for those who, in conjunction with a renovation, plan to purchase furniture and large appliances with an energy class higher than A +. To know more: Furniture Bonus.
  • Incentives for the purchase of biomass winter air conditioning systems provided by GSE in the form of real economic reimbursements. These incentives largely cover the cost of purchasing fireplaces, pellet stoves and other biomass heating systems. To know more: How to access the thermal account.
  • Incentives for the purchase of water heaters with heat pumps, solar collectors and other solutions for energy efficiency are provided for in the GSE Thermal Account. All information: Thermal Account, the interventions that can be financed
  • Tax relief provided for those who improve the energy efficiency of their home by renovating or installing new windows and / or sun screens. To know more:Tax concessions for energy saving.

Tax incentives for land reuse

We keep talking abouttax incentivesbut this time the principle is that ofland reuseand ofurban regeneration. The duration of these tax incentives is for a maximum of 10 years, the incentive measures see the modulation or exemption of the construction contribution and local property tax.

An amendment to theddl on land consumptionpresented to the Environment and Agriculture committees in the Chamber.

The proposal intends "Orient the initiative of the municipalities towards urban regeneration strategies, considering as priorities the urban restructuring and building renewal interventions that provide high performances in terms of energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources, cycle accessibility and collective transport services, improvement of water management for the purpose of hydraulic invariance and reduction of outflows, and the creation of a social residence ".

Another novelty foreseen with the same amendment, sees the introduction in the municipalities of a "land use register”So as to plan in a more thoughtful way the consumption of additional land or the reuse of land already stacked. Such a land registry could be a crucial step towards the prevention of hydrogeological instability.

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