Cat Festival: February 17th

Cat Festival: February 17th

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Cat party, It was born in Italy in 1990 but it is certainly not a recent invention, nor Italian. There Cat party for the Egyptians it was practically all year round and even the Etruscans and the Romans certainly did not disdain this animal, even if the Cat party did not exist yet. But how can we fail to recognize its value, already at the time, both for the great service of "chasing mice" and for its sly company and at the same time constant and silently affectionate?

There Cat partyis an idea of ​​Claudia Angeletti, journalist and above all cat lover. In 1990 it even called a referendum among its readers to "place" the Cat party, convinced of having to have a given symbol to redeem the fame of this often underestimated feline. Cats and cat lovers, curious and enterprising, and fanatics of the right to vote, many replied but the winning idea came from a certain Oriella Del Col. La Cat party, therefore. it became February 17 and this year we are at the 25th edition.

Because in February the Cat party? Because it is the month of Aquarius and every cat, if it could choose an ascendant, would point the finger at this sign. No, no: not only because there are greedy fish in the aquarium to grab with its paws, but because the Aquarius identifies free and nonconformist spirits. The "cat" spirits. There Cat party it could only be in February.

Because the 17 la Cat party? Often accused of being carriers of doom, and so self-ironic and mocking, cats would appreciate the choice of this number. Number that also recalls the famous story of the 7 lives: 17 becomes in fact “1 life 7 times”!

Proud to have the Cat party, and for a quarter of a century, we cannot deny that a little further south, in Egypt, they thought about it about 4,500-4,000 years ago to worship and domesticate them. There Cat party it was not February 17, there was no February, and who knows, perhaps it was not yet so full of meanings. But there was the Cat Goddess: the goddess Bast (or Bastet). She was the protector of cats and of those we now call "cat", she was particularly celebrated in Bubastis and often depicted as a 100% cat or as a cat-headed woman.
Also in Egypt, the pupil of the cat was much appreciated: recalling the phases of the Moon, it winked very explicitly at mysterious and sensitive creatures, at least to magnetic and electric manifestations, to the rest ... it depends on which Moon is the cat in question. I am sure the cat owners will agree with me. For the Egyptians the cat was really a passion, it was there Cat party every day and every hour, so much so that they also idealized it for its curling up, making it an image symbol of meditation. Not from laziness, huh! Listen Listen. Just to exaggerate, the cat was sacred to the Sun and Osiris, the cat was sacred to the Moon and Isis.

There is no lack of evidence of sympathy towards the ancestors of our cats also by the populations of the Arab countries, and by the northern Europe where Freya, goddess of love and beauty, had the cat among her symbolic animals. Who knows if Freya's party was some sort of Cat party?Not indifferent to feline charm too Etruscans and Romans that with a pragmatic spirit, made this animal a hero at work, as a weapon against mice. India does not hold back in front of the mustache and the feline grin and shows off the goddess Shasti, with her features, to embody fertility and motherhood.

The shape of the cat also arrives on Russian altars, with Domovoy protector of the house, and always in the house, chosen as a classic lazy man, the cat hovered in Finland where it would appear among the most respected domestic spirits. If it doesn't protect him, the house, who? Transformer and double agent, just to be a little revered, before ours Cat Festival, in China our 4-legged friend had become the protagonist of agrarian dances and protected the fields, among the Native Americans the cat, wild however, had even gained the fame of symbol of reflection, ingenuity and cunning.

It remains undisputed that, not just the day of the Cat party, this animal has charm, a mysterious fascination, which recalls magical, supernatural powers, which prevent us from ignoring it. Yes, he has this innate ability, and he deserved a party of his own. Artistic and animal welfare events flock all over the country, but to truly celebrate it, I suggest you put yourself in his shoes. Isn't it the best way, often, to then better understand the needs and thoughts of those we love?
Here then, for cat lovers, valid for the Cat Festival, to be recycled for Carnival in pure green spirit. And also for Halloween 2019, if desired, a Lady Black Catwoman mask. For those who don't have half measures, there is also the complete kit from Catwoman, for a 100% cat day.
For those who want to feel solidarity with the felines, in the Cat Festival, but it does not want to attract too much attention, here is a nice black cat tail in plush and even moldable. So you can hide it once in the office, to extract it when there is a need to "scratch" the colleague, or purr the boss.But if you really can't or don't want to put yourself in the shoes of the cat, at its party, literally, you can study it from a distance. A little effort is required, at least in the Cat Festival, reading The Big Book of Cats. Also recommended to start loving him, for those who have not yet understood, what he is inevitable end up being fascinated by it.

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