Valentine's Day for dogs and cats: what to give

Valentine's Day for cats and dogs, yes, even for them: what to give? You got it right, not for dogs and pigs, but for dogs and cats. Nothing new, but many new accessories and games to delight yourself with, to give to your girlfriend's or boyfriend's 4-legged friend, or to your own. Who, in fact, is more faithful to us than he?

A Valentine's Day for dogs it looks above all to the little ones, those who are most tender, on whom it is easier to pour a thousand attention. If so, here's a model of coat complete with a hood, warm and colorful, and branded. Yup, "Adidog", and is available in pink, yellow, red, black ... strictly in cotton and in various sizes, from XS to XXL, because love has no measure.

Also for faithful dogs, especially for the most puppies, but also for those who never lose the desire to play, as a Valentine's gift, in pink or light blue, there is Kong Puppy.

Made of soft rubber, it is a tireless companion, withstands hours and hours by being tortured as not even the most lover would be able to.

Kong Puppy instead it does not give up, does not get discouraged, and is also very useful for the development of the dentition and jaw muscles. There are various sizes, so that it can adapt to the size of the puppy leaving it open-mouthed. But not too much. Just like it has to happen with gifts Valentine's Day for cats and dogs.

Kong Puppy: A great Valentine's Day gift idea for your dog

A true love cannot resist distance, not too much, not always. Among the gifts of Valentine's Day for dogs and possible cats there is therefore also the car carrier for seat, complete with safety straps and soft internal quilt, because love must be kept with care, without risk!

Speaking of travel and holidays, but without leaving, you can give your cat the thrill of a cat-friendly campsite for Valentine's Day. It is a double curtain consisting of two folding kennels in fuchsia taffeta and a hole where the cat can play, doze off and, why not, invite friends.

For calmer cats, indeed, for calmer cats, there is a very soft one pink and warm cot, in felt and cotton: irresistible.
But when the relationship is adventurous, the right gift of Valentine's day for cats and dogs his and hers is the window bed: a hammock.
Cats are the ones who will love her the most, and they won't detach from the soft, sturdy and resistant bed. Furthermore, the owners will not go crazy to mount it thanks to the practical suction cups. Here is the pleasure of watching your cat doze in the sun with pleasure. It is a gift that holds up to 18 kg of tenderness.

If it is then true that love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel, thescratching post tree that's what it takes.
If a surface of 65x50x153 cm is not enough, it is better to rethink the relationship, otherwise here is what you need, cream or coffee color, complete with a kennel, plush ball, hammocks, ropes, panels and poles. A playground in which to let off steam e forget any disagreement. At the moment, it only exists for cats.

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