Green ventilated clay, the thousand uses

Among the types of clay, we have told you about the green one, rich in silica and with a strong absorbing power. On this page we will focus on properties of ventilated green clay and the thousand uses to make the most of it.

L'ventilated green clayconstitutes anatural remedyfor a variety of conditions. It is used to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, to improve the functionality of the sensory systems (sight, smell and hearing), renew the epidermis, a remedy for the lazy intestine, to relieve pain, eliminate pimples in a natural way and fight cellulite.

As stated, theGreen clayit is not the only type of clay available; it is possible to benefit from different types of clay that differ in chemical composition, in the article "Types of clay, properties and uses "we analyzed the composition and properties of:

  • red clay
  • ventilated green clay
  • yellow clay
  • White clay
  • gray clay
  • blue clay
  • beige clay

How to use ventilated green clay

L'Green clayit's anatural remedywith numerous virtues, known since ancient times, it is still used today in the homes of Italians for the preparation of compresses designed to heal the skin in a natural way, relieve irritation, joint pain, for the preparation of do-it-yourself masks. . Let's see in detail some uses ofventilated green clay:

The clay to fight dandruff in a natural way
L'ventilated green clayit represents an excellent natural remedy for dandruff even if not all types of scalp are able to benefit from it to the maximum. Green clay is recommended in the presence of oily hair, in the case of dry hair it is recommended to use the more delicate white clay. Prepare a green clay-based pack, massage your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes before shampooing. Certainly others may interest youHow to fight dandruff.

Green clay to eliminate cellulite in a natural way
The absorbing power of green clay is exploited to fight the orange peel. It is advisable to proceed with frequent compresses based on ultra-ventilated green clay. The pack is prepared in a simple way: add water to the green clay and enrich the mixture of natural anti-cellulite such as birch oil or essential oil of rosemary or geranium.

Green clay, natural remedy for headaches
Those who suffer from migraines and headaches can experience the benefits ofventilated green clay. Apply a mixture prepared by dissolving 2 or 3 tablespoons of green clay in warm water on the forehead, it is apainkiller poulticeto be enhanced with 2 drops of lavender or sweet orange essential oil.

Face masks with ventilated green clay
Green clay is widely used to prepare do-it-yourself face masks. Green clay is the basic ingredient of the mask to which other ingredients are then added according to the type of skin.
Those with dry skin can add mallow infusion, lemon juice and lavender essential oil are recommended for oily skin for normal skin. The base compound is obtained by mixing clay with water at room temperature (or directly with the mallow infusion for those looking for natural remedies for dry skin).

Green clay and contraindications
Ventilated green clay is contraindicated for those with allergy problems. In fact, forms of allergy to clay are quite rare, but it is advisable to test the products first on a small portion of skin.

Another contraindication concerns the use of drugs. The clay for internal use is not recommended for those who take certain drugs as it could interfere with the absorption of the active ingredients. Ask your doctor for information.

Where to buy ventilated green clay?
In shops specialized in cosmetics or natural products or online:

- Ultra Ventilated 100% Pure Green Clay - Jar of 500g, sold at a price of 16.50 euros.
- Ultra Ventilated 100% Pure Green Clay - 1 kg jar, sold at a price of 24.50 euros.

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