How to reduce food waste

How to reduce food waste

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How to reduce food waste: strategies, reuse, conservation methods and food-saving recipes that will help you don't waste food.

When we talk about food wastewe come into contact with a disconcerting reality that sees Italians as a people of wasteful people: every year we throw 7.65 billion euros of uneaten food in the dustbin. These are the data disclosed on the occasion of theDay against food wasteand the following are indications that will make you understandhow to reduce food waste.

How to reduce food waste, scraps

Thewaste of foodit is interested in all foods, moreover you will be surprised to know how many good things can be prepared with what you call"Waste". With stale bread you can prepare the passatelli, with hard bread they make the "freselle napolatane”Or some delicious baked bruschetta. Broth or concentrates are prepared with vegetable waste ... in short, in the kitchen there is no room for waste and even the frying oil can be recovered. To understand how to get around, read our guides:

  • How to recycle waste in the kitchen
  • How to recycle stale bread
  • How to reuse the outer leaves of the artichoke
  • How to recycle potato peels
  • How to produce less food waste

How to reduce food waste, spending

Foreliminate food wastein a total way, you need to anticipate: try to make a more conscious and rational shopping! Don't be fooled by the classicThree For Twoif you can't finish what you already have in the fridge in time!

Before going shopping, check your cupboard and refrigerator (including food expiry dates) and write yourself a rational list of what you need at home and stick to the list, remembering that any variation or addition could result in unnecessary economic expenditure and a waste of food. When you add a food to your cart, check the expiry date.

How to reduce food waste, the allies

Who intendseliminate waste in the kitchenmay find some food-saving devices useful. Let's see them together:

  • Blender, Centrifuge or Extractor
    These three gadgets allow you to obtain smoothies, smoothies or fruit juices to serve on the table, eat as a snack or breakfast. When the vegetables and fruit are too ripe, get rid of the idea of ​​the bin and prepare something good to drink by consuming it all!
    For further information: Extractor or centrifuge? - Cold juice extractor (the article compares Extractor, centrifuge and blender)
  • Hermetically sealed containers
    Glass containers can extend the life of many foods. If you open canned food (puree, mushrooms, beans ...) do not keep them in the fridge in their original packaging but place them in airtight glass containers so as to increase their life by just enough to consume.
  • Dryers
    It helps us to store fruit and vegetables in a very practical way. If you don't have a dryer but you like the idea of ​​having dried mushrooms, dried chillies and lots of homemade dried fruit, you can consider buying it. By now, on the market, there are dryers at a good price, to get an idea, take a look at the dryers on offer on Amazon.
  • Vacuum packing machines
    Another good way to extend the life of our food isreduce food wasteconsists of vacuum storage. Vacuum packed foods last up to 5 times longer than traditional preservation methods. Even in this, the market offers affordable vacuum packaging machines, take a look at the vacuum packaging machines on offer on Amazon.

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