All about renting the electric 500

ThereFiat 500Eyou can only buy it in the United States but those who want to drive it can also do it in Italy thanks to the service ofelectric 500 rentalmade available with the car sharing "I drive".

There500Eis the electric-powered variant of the small Turin and for some months also the Italians have been able to drive it using the service ofcar sharingof the brand's hometown: Turin.

At the car parks of the CarCityClub there are three models of500 electricmade available in the manner ofrentaltypical ofcar sharing.

The electric 500 provided with the “Io Guido” car sharing service is the typical Californian one: oversized spolier on the rear window, aerodynamic rims, elongated nose… the interior is also the same with white and orange leather upholstery. The same digital instrument with TFT screen of the traditional 500 stands out on the console, but on the 500E the tank is filled with the plug and grants a range of 145 km.

When it costs rent the 500E with the service car sharing CarCityClub?
The cost for the rental of the electric 500 varies according to the type of subscription held by the user. Let's see in detail:

for those who subscribe to an annual subscription, the hourly rate is € 2.7 per day and € 1.15 at night; the cost per kilometer is 36 euro cents for the first 100 km. The annual subscription can be subscribed by paying 59 euros.

The costs increase for those who do not have a subscription; you pay 19 euros one-time for the service card to which 4.05 euros are added for each hour and 0.54 euros for each km. The price includes an electric tank.

How to drive the 500 electric of the car sharing service "I drive"?
The electric 500 drives like any car with automatic gearbox, of course at the beginning you might have a bit of a hitch with the accelerator pedal but after the first approach ... everything goes smoothly.

The change of500Eit is located on the dashboard, where you can see the classic positions of the transmission. P - R - N - D,Parking, Reverse, “Neutral”, Start (Drive). Electric motors have the characteristic of being able to immediately deliver all the maximum torque, so when starting, be careful with the accelerator! Especially for those who are used to driving with old diesel cars.

Technical sheet of500 Electric

  • Permanent magnet electric motor
  • Maximum power, 83 kW - 113 hp
  • Torque 200 Nm
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Mass 1355 kg
  • Autonomy 145 km
  • 500E Dimensions:
    - height 153 cm
    - width 163 cm
    - length 362 cm

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