How to get rid of blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads: a series ofnatural remediesto eliminate and prevent blackheads with DIY. Here's how blackheads are eliminated.

Blackheads: how they are formed and what they are

What are iblackheads? THEblackheads, better definedcomedones, are dark yellow or blackish formations that develop on the skin surface. Why do blackheads form? For the dilation of the orifice of the follicles inside which there are fats, keratin, melanin, hair and bacteria. A blackhead is formed when the hair follicle canal of the sebaceous gland becomes blocked due to excessive keratinization.

Why and how do blackheads form?In simpler words, in some pores of the skin, a plug is formed due to an accumulation of dead cells and sebum. The substances that "come out" when someone, imprudently, decides tocrush a black dot.

The bad news for all women is that most wrinkle creams and face cosmetics contain substances that promote the formation ofblackheads.

How to prevent blackheads from forming

How to prevent the formation of blackheads? To avoid the formation of blackheads on the skin, you must wash your face twice a day with mild cleansers and use only natural products.

Is squeezing blackheads good or bad?

Squeezing blackheads is a habit of many. Someone thinks thatsqueezing blackheads is good for youbut that's not exactly the case. It is wrong to crush blackheads because this practice contributes toirritate the skinand lengthen healing times. In addition, in some cases, blemishes and unsightly marks may remain, even permanent.

How to get rid of blackheads

If you can'tcrush, then how to eliminate them? With prevention and careful "cure". Yes, more than how to eliminate them, we should ask ourselveshow to cure skin blackheads. The practices for treating blackheads are different. Let's see some of them.

THEremedies more effective against blackheads.

Face masks

Among the best natural remedies foreliminate blackheadsclassical figureclay-based mask. You can prepare a purifying face mask with clay, this mask will be effective against blackheads, pimples and dilated pores. If, rather than preparing a clay-based mask yourself, you prefer to buy a ready-made one, make sure it is natural!

An example of a natural clay mask is the ready-to-use green clay mask, offered on Amazon at a price of 6.94 euros with free shipping. For all the info: green clay ready for use.

In addition to clay-based masks, papaya-based exfoliating masks can be quite useful. In the article "Do-it-yourself face masks" we explain how to prepare them at home.

Tea tree essential oil

Fans of natural remedies will already be aware of the effectiveness ofMalaleucaagainst the blackheads. No?! Let it bet? Malaleuca Oil is better known as Tea tree oil, with antibacterial properties useful for treating acne and for eliminate blackheads.

In addition to tea tree oil, other herbal remedies consist of the use of infusions based on sorrel oryarrow, these are natural remedies at no cost, just collect herbs in uncultivated exchanges! In particular, sorrel in addition to eliminate blackheads prevents its reappearance.

Please note: if you buy a tea tree essential oil, you cannot use it pure on the skin of the face. All essential oils must be diluted before they come into contact with the skin.


To prevent the appearance ofblackheadsit is good to follow a proper diet that includes fruit and vegetables: the vitamins and minerals contained in them nourish the cells that make up the epidermis in a healthy way. Even the right hydration fights the formation of blackheads: drinking at least one and a half liters a day helps the epithelial cells to purify and regenerate.

Wash your face well

How many times do you wash your face during the day and ... how carefully do you perform this action?Generally, we stop to wash our hands but do not pay the right attention in washing the face. When washing your face, focus on the so-called T-zone. Wash your face with a natural and persistent cleanser in the areas most prone to developingblackheads.

Thereface cleaningit is an essential activity foreliminate blackheads from the face. Facial cleansing should be done on a daily basis. For all information on how to cleanse the face to eliminate blackheads, I strongly urge you to read the article ondo it yourself facial cleansing where I point out a very effective exfoliating cleanser in the fightagainst blackheads.

Sauna and turkish bath

Did you know that heat is very good for the skin? Sauna and steam room are greatremedies for blackheads. Of course, unfortunately not everyone in the house has a sauna and a Turkish bath, so what to do? We can take advantage of a weekend at a spa center and, in the meantime, we can take advantage of the benefits of heat with the fumigations.

The fumigations help to dilate the pores. How to do?

Fill a pot of water, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil. When boiling, turn off the heat and bring your face close to the steam. Use a towel to wrap the garment and convey the vapors to the face, creating a sort of hood.

Note: the blackheads will not disappear in a couple of days, but by doing oneface cleaningand careful cleansing on a daily basis, the results will not be long in coming!

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