Bad breath remedies

Bad breath is certainly a source of great embarrassment, under any circumstances! That is why it is good to know a few small rules that allow us to avoid bad breath. In this regard, we will show you some effective remedies for bad breath.

Remedies for bad breath, what to avoid
Certain foods such as onions, chilli, garlic, gorgonzola are to be banned if a commitment is imminent that leads us to communicate with our interlocutors. Another food to avoid is fish: some types of fish such as anchovies or tuna can leave unpleasant odors
Among the drinks to avoid we have beer, coffee, wine.

Remedies for bad breath, useful tips

  • Always carry a toothbrush with you, it could be a first solution to the problem: brushing your teeth immediately after one of the "not recommended" meals, you can avoid, at least reduce the risk of halitosis
  • Alternatively, you can at least rinse your mouth carefully, always immediately after meals
  • Sometimes, however, it's not just the food that causes bad breath. Sometimes, bad breath is caused by fasting or an unsuitable diet; in this case, it is preferable to have at least three meals a day to avoid discomfort related to bad breath
  • If you are about to go to an important business meeting or, simply, a gallant meeting, it is good to gargle with mint mouthwash: this operation will certainly help neutralize the waste products of bacteria, the main culprits of the unpleasant odor. It should be noted, however, that the freshness effect lasts only for twenty minutes, half an hour at the most
  • Chewing parsley can help a lot to freshen the breath
  • Another effective remedy consists in cleaning the tongue as well as the teeth. That's why lately there are also special tongue-cleaning brushes on the market.

How to tell if we have bad breath?
There are a few ways we can check for a bad breath problem.

  • Among the most common tricks we have that of the classic position of the "cupped hand": if breathing inside and then smelling, we notice the bad smell, surely we will not be the only ones to notice it.
  • But there is also another method; the used dental floss comes in handy: just use it not to clean the teeth but to ascertain the degree of bad smell of our breath. If, after passing it between your teeth and smelling it, the smell is unpleasant, we certainly have bad breath
  • Another method consists in passing the tongue on the back of the clean and perfume-free hand; if we smell bad smell after 1 minute, our breath will not be outdone.

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