How to recycle plastic bottles

Whether it's a bottle, a container, a simple piece of plastic, in any case the plastic collection container is among the first to always be full! Fortunately, thanks to creative recycling we can give life to plastic bottles by creating practical and decorative objects for the home.

In this regard we will illustrate you how to recycle plastic bottles following some of our advice; these are very simple objects to make.

How to recycle plastic bottles, the guide
Pen holder
With half-liter bottles, we can make nice pen holders: just cut the neck of the bottle at the desired height, carving the edge in small triangles. It will then be necessary to heat the various wedges with the flame of a lighter, until the desired shape is obtained. Then all that remains is to decorate the pen holder, with tempera colors or with a spray can of your choice.

Bring it all
With the 1.5-liter and 2-liter bottles we can make practical all-purpose or object holders, following the same procedure we adopted for the pen holder.

DIY containers
Do you love DIY? Then the half-liter bottles and the larger ones can be used to contain nails, screws, buttons, beads, etc: just remove the neck of the bottle at about ¾ and drill 2 holes, to pass a string and then hang conveniently, in the garage or in the work room

Pantry containers
The bottles, left intact, can be reused as convenient containers for the kitchen pantry; depending on their size, you can store ingredients such as pasta, salt, sugar.

With the bottles you can make pretty festoons, for the children's birthday: just cut them into washers, you will get many rings of the same height, which can be colored with a spray can or with tempera colors of your choice, which you will combine with the end with staples.

Plastic bottles are also suitable for reuse in gardening; for example, we can protect dear plants from winter frosts: just cut the base of the bottle, leaving the part with the neck, so that the plants can enjoy the right ventilation. With plastic bottles you can create a beautiful vertical garden. For further information, please refer to the article "How to build a vertical garden with plastic bottles"

You can create nice bowls: just cut the bottles a little lower than half. We could use them to make our pets or farm animals drink or eat.

……… .These are just a few ideas, to continue creating, rely on your imagination and your wits.