How to use the outer leaves of the artichoke

How to use the outer leaves of the artichoke: the instructions that will explain how to use even the outermost leaves of the artichoke to eliminate waste and prepare delicious creams.

When we want to obtain the so-called "heart of artichoke”We are forced to throw away a large number of leaves (or petals). A real waste, indeed, double waste! On the one hand there is food waste and on the other there is economic waste because, after all, when you went to the gardener to buy artichokes, he also made you pay for the leaves and stems you are about to throw away! So here's how to use the outer leaves of the artichoke that otherwise would end up in the compost bin.

In the articleHow to clean artichokes, we have seen that when these are to be prepared roasted, it is not necessary to generate too many waste, the problems arise when we want to try our hand at the preparation of risotto or other courses that require the so-calledheart of artichoke, the innermost and tender part.

On the same page we explained to you that the artichoke stem can be cleaned and eaten like the innermost "petals" ", today we will see how to use the outer leaves of the artichoke.

One idea is to prepare an artichoke cream that can be served alone (with croutons) or accompany other dishes, perhaps based on meat.

How to use the outer leaves of the artichoke

The tips of the artichoke and the outer leaves can be "saved" and give life to a tasty artichoke cream. Here's how to prepare the artichoke cream with the scraps:

In a separate saucepan, boil some salted water.

Over high heat: heat some oil and fry a chopped onion and with theouter leaves of the artichoke, sauté and add a pinch of salt.

When the leaves begin to brown, add the boiling water and immediately lower the heat. Simmer. When cooked, drain the artichoke leaves, putting the water aside.

Place the artichoke leaves in a blender and turn it on at maximum power. Add a drizzle of oil and if necessary, also add a little cooking water. The cooking water should be added only if the mixture is too thick. Add a pinch of Parmesan.

Finally, filter the mixture in a colander, removing the most fibrous part. This artichoke cream can be used as a condiment or as a cream to flavor toasted bread. To make it denser, you can further heat it on the fire by removing unnecessary water.

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