How to water the vegetable garden, 5 golden rules

Watering the garden correctly means respecting the water needs of each plant; there is no need to give water to those who are thirsty and vice versa. In this regard we will show you some practical rules to follow; these are small and easy indications, but precious for the well-being of our plants and to avoid the waste of this precious asset.

How to water the vegetable garden, 5 golden rules
1) Do not use too cold water, especially in summer when the soil is very hot to avoid a sudden drop in the temperature of the soil and in some cases cause damage to the plants: for example the roots of carrots can crack. The ideal water temperature in summer should be around 15 °, so if you take cold water from a deep well it is preferable to let it heat up in bins first.

2) Do not use water of dubious origin, the origin of which is unknown. If you use water from ditches it is better to make sure, you have first passed through fields where herbicides have been used.
If you live in an industrialized area and use the water from a well, it is appropriate to have it analyzed: the presence of toxic substances in the water should not be underestimated!

3) Do not use rubber hoses without the appropriate tools that decrease the force of the water jet: dropping the water too violently on the ground could cause problems for the vegetables. The water must be administered without the force of the jet. The ideal is to let a trickle of water out of the pipe and place it on the ground: in this way the water will spread delicately even in depth.

4) Do not water during the hottest hours; irrigating the garden in the central hours of the day, the temperature difference between the water and the ground will be greater: in this way the water will evaporate more quickly, leaving less time available for the roots, and if it falls on the leaves, a slow effect would be created it could burn them.

5) Before watering, consider what kind of roots your plants have; if they are small and superficial, you shouldn't give a lot of water, because the water will go deep, where it will never reach. In this case you will have to water little and frequently. If, on the other hand, it is fruit trees, you should leave the rubber of the water resting near the base for at least 10 minutes and then suspend for a week.

PLEASE NOTE: a plant that is well mulched and well fed with organic matter needs less water than one whose roots are always under the sun and hungry.

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