How to save on ADSL and mobile phones

How to save on ADSL and mobile phones

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How to save on ADSL and mobile phones: fixed-mobile converging rates are an excellent way to save on everything related to your communication needs: phone calls, mobile and ADSL calls in a single solution, at lower prices than those you should pay by subscribing separately to the several contracts.

By now it is a type of tariff adopted by almost all the major telecommunications operators: here is our advice on how to save on ADSL and mobile phones.

Telecom Italia proposes TIM Smart, which combines Tim's mobile and Telecom Italia's fixed line from 19 euros per month for a year, then 39 euros, plus TIMVision. The offer guarantees ADSL up to 20 mega with internet traffic included, telephone line fee included with calls at 0 cents per minute, a SIM with 5400 minutes per month of calls to landlines and national mobile phones and 2 gigabytes of data traffic to navigate from smartphones .

39 euros per month for 12 months (after 49 euros) also with Vodafone thanks to Relax Casa Edition: with this offer you can have a RELAX subscription for your smartphone (unlimited minutes and SMS plus 2 GB of 4G Internet per month), a Vodafone Smart 4G Turbo smartphone included, unlimited surfing from home with ADSL up to 20 mega, calls from home to national landlines and mobile phones at zero cents per minute and with a connection fee of 19 cents, plus 1 GB of Internet outside the home to surf with a tablet or key. The offer also includes a Vodafone Station Revolution with an enhanced wi-fi modem.

Wind also has good ideas on how to save on ADSL and mobile phones: offers Powered Infostrada. Absolute ADSL, for those who own an offer Rechargeable Wind All Inclusive, All Digital, Noi, Call Your Country Wind or Call Your Country Super, it costs only 19.95 euros per month and All Inclusive Unlimited 29.95 euros per month. Powered Infostrada Magnum instead it is aimed at those who have a subscription Wind Magnum, with a special discount on Infostrada offers: Absolute ADSL at 17.95 euros per month and All Inclusive Unlimited at 25.95 per month. Absolute ADSL entitles you to 20 Mega ADSL with unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones and a connection fee of 18 cents, while with All Inclusive Unlimited you do not even pay the connection fee.

To find your way around all these different rates and find the best one for your needs, you can use ours comparator so you can try to vary all the parameters that determine the most convenient price for your needs.

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