Maintain your lawn in winter

Maintain your lawn in winter: all the tips for having ahealthy lawneven in the coldest periods of the year.

While waiting to aerate the lawn with the arrival of spring, in winter there are not many jobs to devote to the turf.

Between January and February more than oflawn maintenance, we can speak of small treats that include cleaning, rolling and fertilization if necessary.

Lawn yellowed in winter

Tips to avoid yellowing of the lawn.
In very cold areas, in the presence of frost or ice, avoid stepping on the grass because the stems could break and turn yellow. Also to avoid yellowing of the lawn, remember to always keep it clean by removing leaves, twigs and debris of various kinds: the light must reach the grass in order to avoid the presence of rot.

In mountainous areas, after severe frosts, it is possible that the turf has raised in some places. Rolling is part of the care to dedicate to meadow in late winter, when the action of frost is now behind us. To avoid yellowing, towards the beginning of March, perform a rolling as described in our articleRolling the lawn.

How to mow your lawn in winter

In the winter months, grass growth is almost nil in the northern regions, while in the mild climate areas there is still some vegetative activity. In the North, the first cut of the year must be carried out by the first half of March, at the end of winter. Operate with perfectly dry grass and with soil that is not too wet; it is recommended to use a lawnmower with a collection basket to avoid the onset of fungal diseases.

In the south, the first cut of the year must be performed in February, always with dry grass and slightly wet soil.

Depending on the lawn, decide the cutting height: if it is made up of macrothermal species, cut at a height of 2.5-3.5 cm. On the contrary, if the lawn is composed of micro-thermal species, bring the height of the cutting blade to 2.5 - 4.5 cm from the ground. Macrothermal species are typical of southern turf and islands, these are species such asCynodon, Zoysia, Paspalum and Stenotaphrum.The microthermal species are more widespread in the north and in the center, these are species such as Lolium, Poa, Festuca and Agrostis.

The articleMaintain your lawn in winter it is part of a broader section dedicated to the care to be dedicated to the turf at different times of the year.

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