Anti-graffiti paints: what they are and how they work

Anti-graffiti paints: what they are and how they work

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The anti-graffiti paints they are an ideal product to minimize the cost of removing graffiti and murals and to discourage writers from repeating their action.

The anti-graffiti paints they are effective for protecting surfaces of marble, granite or other stones and for both porous and non-porous surfaces, such as brick facades or concrete blocks.

Theanti-graffiti paints they are aqueous emulsions of polymeric waxes that fill the pores of the surface, creating a repellent barrier to oils and water and thus preventing the graffiti paint from penetrating deeply.

If the wall is dirty, the graffiti can thus be easily removed with a jet of pressurized water at a temperature of 80 degrees centigrade.

Among the best anti-graffiti paints on the market we recommend a quality product such as "WallGuard graffiti BARRIER"Of the Italian company MAPEI, available in 5 or 20 kg drums.

Mapei WallGuard anti-graffiti paint

There anti-graffiti paint it can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun or airless, on a perfectly clean and solid surface.

Anti-graffiti paints are therefore an extremely effective way to reduce the costs associated with the removal of graffiti which can save thousands of Euros for condominiums.

In addition, anti-graffiti paints also perform a deterrent action, especially if accompanied by a type plate: "Surface treated with anti-graffiti paints: in case of soiling, the graffiti will be removed within 24 hours“.

The goal of all writer it is in fact that the mural or sometimes simply the signature ("tag“) Remain on the wall as long as possible, as if“ to mark a territory ”.

Knowing that your "work" will be removed in 24 hours thus cancels any ambition of writer to devote time (and money because writers' cans cost!) to smear the wall.

To carry out a work in a workmanlike manner and avoid inconveniences, however, we recommend that you contact a professional painter and avoid "do it yourself". If you need the reference of a professional used to using anti-graffiti paint to request a quote without obligation you can write to us using our contact form.

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