How to remove snow from the roof of the house

How to remove snow from the roof:all tips for remove snow from the roof of the house in full safety.

After a heavy snowfall it is importantremove snow from the roofto immediately eliminate all related risks: clogged gutters, dangerous ice blocks, massive collapses of snow drifts that can cause damage to property or people. In addition, some older houses or ruins may not appreciate the excessive snow load on the roof, in these cases we recommend an urgent renovation, especially in the event of infiltration or in the presence of the first signs of failure.

Theresnowpiled on the roofit can cause more trivial but equally annoying or even burdensome problems: damage to the ducts surrounding the house, breakages or malfunctions of the satellite dishes and other television antennas or, again, the breakage of a porch. For all these reasons, it is imperative to try toremove snow from the roof of the houseas promptly as possible.

How to remove snow from the roof of the house
Try to remove snowwhen it is still soft, if the snow piles up and the temperatures drop, the ice could cause it to slide and collapse suddenly.

Remove the snow from the roof of the houseit is by no means an easy task. If you have never done it before, pay close attention and above all do not try your hand at DIY operations if you do not have the appropriate equipment.

Those who live in very tall buildings or houses, where it is difficult to reach theroof, will necessarily have to contact theFire fightersor to the Municipality Office which will arrange for its removal using special forklifts or large ladder trucks. Usually the request to the municipality is accepted for houses that live near parking lots or city centers, justify the request by explaining that the snow could damage passersby or even just the pylons of the public network.

Those who live in a single house, perhaps in the hinterland and cannot use the municipal service, will be forced to act independently. Remember to exercise extreme caution. Theresnow removal from the roofit is not an operation you can do alone, it takes at least two people, so get help. You will also need to get help from the right equipment, perhaps reclining spatulas with telescopic handles or ladders placed in complete safety. How to proceed? With a shovel remove a little snow at a time, work on small surfaces. If you pull the snow down with the shovel, you can bring it closer to you with a rake with which you can pull the snow from the top of the roof to an easier to reach point. If ice has formed, you will need a scraper in addition to the shovel.

With particularly sloping roofs, you can prepare special supports that hold back any snow collapses, just like those shown in the photo above.

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