How to remove snow from the car

How to remove snow from the car, a guide who will explain how to remove snow from the car and de-icing the windshield.

Especially for those who live in mountain areas, that ofsnow on the carit is a deeply felt problem. Forremove snow from the carit is possible to use special manual shovels, spatulas or ice picks, alternatively it is possible to anticipate and fix a protective cover with a sheet that will protect the car from snow.

How to remove snow from the car, spatulas and shovels

The use of steel blades or inappropriate tools could cause damage to the car body. For this reason we advise you to use only spatulas and accessories designed specifically for the snow removal from the car. There are several solutions on the market, among these we point out a very interested kit proposed on Amazon at the price of 18.50 euros.

This is the5-piece set to remove snow from the car,we do not recommend it so much for the ice pick or shovel, rather for the spatula with telescopic handle that allows you to remove snow from the windshield and car roof without making too much effort and above all without scratching the bodywork.

How to defrost the windshield

For de-icing the windshieldis remove the snow from the carthe use of hot water is absolutely not recommended. Another do-it-yourself remedy that is not recommended is to add salt to the water to clean the windshield wiper. The water tank for cleaning the windows should be filled with a special antifreeze detergent liquid or at most, those who just can't do without DIY, could insert an aqueous solution with plenty of vinegar but when the temperatures are rigid even in this case risks freezing. The wiper blades should only be operated when the windshield is completely clear of ice and snow.

For de-icing the windshield the use of special ice-breaking scrapers is recommended. There are many models and shapes on the market. To make removing the ice from the windshield easier, some manufacturers have thought about incorporating a scraper into a warm glove to protect the hands from freezing; this is the case of the glove with scraper proposed on Amazon at a price of 10.99 euros.

How to remove snow from the car, prevention

The problem of snow accumulation on the car can be solved upstream. Those who do not have the opportunity to park their car indoors could try to protect it from the elements by fitting temporary covers or practical sheets. There are protective sheets on the market that cover the car partially or totally. A Snap-lock windshield protector you buy, in promotion on Amazon, with 13.99 euros (free shipping) while a partial nylon cover that can protect the roof and windshield can be bought with 17.30 euros (also in this case the shipping is free). The sheet does not prevent the accumulation of snow on the windshield or roof but it greatly simplifies its removal: just pull the sheet away to remove up to the last gram of snow.

Video: How to remove snow off your vehicle tutorial (January 2022).