Boxwood healing plant: precautions

Boxwood healing plant? But wasn't it a hedge once? Yes, of course, the boxwood it remains one of the most beautiful evergreen shrubs there are to make a hedge, but it is also one medicinal plant and as such it has been used since the Middle Ages as a purifying, sudorific and febrifuge. Being very careful to respect the recommended dosages because boxwood contains buxin, which is a fearsome poison.

Of the boxwood in herbal medicine all parts are used: wood, bark and leaves. You can prepare infusions, decoctions, a powder to be taken mixed with honey and above all hand baths and foot baths. For the aforementioned reason, the boxwood drinks they can be badly supported by the stomach and therefore should be taken with caution. And preferably recommended by a competent person.

To use the boxwood as a healing plant it is necessary to collect the bark and leaves just before flowering, ie in March-April depending on the region. Plants that grow far from sources of pollution should be chosen and if the crop is not used immediately it is best to dry it in the shade, never in the sun.

For the preparation ofboxwood infusion bark, leaves and wood are used. Well chopped, 5 pinches of these ingredients are enough in a liter of water. Three cups of tea a day is the recommended dose, for no more than three consecutive days.

For the decoction, bark and leaves are used, and the preparation is the same as for the infusion. The powder, on the other hand, is made with dry leaves and is taken in minimal doses mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Since the distant past and still today, the boxwood it is used in malaria attacks when quinine does not work and in case of high and stubborn fevers. With the precautions we have said.

An ancient plant that can reach 6 meters in height and even live six or seven hundred years, the boxwood for some years it has been threatened by a scourge that is called Cydalima Perspectalis, alias Boxwood borer, a moth also known as Boxwood defoliator caterpillar. In Italy the Piralide appeared in 2011 in Lombardy and burned several hedges. Since then it has been constantly monitored by the authorities.

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