Cars that consume little

Cars that consume little

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Who is on the hunt for acar that consumes littleyou may find our ranking based on the survey conducted by the authoritative British voice of Auto Trader interesting. The classic does not take into accountelectric vehiclesbut onlypetrol carisdiesel,with our own hand we will provide you with some ideas on low consumption carLPG or methane. We remind you that, inabsolute, thecars that consume lessare those with electric traction where, with a few euros of electricity it is possible to travel hundreds of kilometers.

The Auto Experts Traderthey examined cars from different segments and different price ranges in order to establish a general reference point for those wishing to purchase a certain type of car (city car, sedan, petrol, diesel or hybrid) with a certain purchase budget.

LPG, CNG or diesel?

Who wants to buy alow consumption car he is probably considering buying an alternative fuel car. Waiting for theelectric carscan increase in autonomy and decrease in price, the most reliable choice falls between LPG and methane. At this point the question arises, is it more convenient to use LPG or CNG? Or, is it more convenient to use methane or diesel cars? To answer these questions, we invite you to read our selection guides:
Better LPG or Methane?
–Better LPG or Diesel?


If you are only interested in spending related toconsumptionofcar(and not maintenance, much more demanding for a methane engine) then just consider that if you travel 30,000 kilometers annually, the expense to be faced with an engine that offers a mileage of 8 km per liter is about 6,683 euros if you drive acarpetrol. The price drops to 5,426 euros if the power supply isdiesel but the most considerable savings are found with methane, in fact, with this power supply, to travel 30,000 kilometers, you need only 2,471 euros, against 3,256 euros forLPG.

Once you have chosen the type of power supply, all you have to do is aim for the right model! For this purpose we propose the lists of LPG cars on the market and that of methane car.

Cars that consume little

Renautl Clio
The Clio is available with different engines: petrol, diesel and LPG. The Renault Clio reported by the experts ofAuto Traderit is tensilediesel. The Renault Clio disel four-cylinder 1.5 offers fuel consumption of 37.5 km per liter of diesel. For those who prefer gas power, the 75 bhp LPG-powered Clio 1.2 can be bought for € 10,450.


Hyundai i20
Among the various versions of i20, the one reported incars that consume littleis the 1.1 CRDi Blu. The engine allows you to travel 37.5 km with one liter. Consumption is similar to those seen for the Renault Clio

Toyota Prius
In the classic ofcars that consume lessthey could not misshybrid cars: the Toyota Prius, with 2015, saw an important update with a further reduction in consumption. The Prius can cover 57km with just one liter. Not bad but still far from the next car.

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid
If the Prius is a petrol hybrid, the Volvo V60 is a diesel hybrid: the electric powertrains are flanked by a five-cylinder turbodiesel engine. With just one liter, the Volvo V60 hybrid car can cover 62.2 km

Opel Ampera
We were talking about Opel Ampera back in 2012, quoting it several times among thecars that consume the least. The Opel Ampera has been elected car of the year several times, famous for its low fuel consumption and its propulsion system: the Ampera can travel up to 100 km with just one liter!


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