Free charging columns: why not?

The German street lamp charging project

Why the charging columns for electric vehicles aren't they free? Because you can't draw the electricity needed by the batteries electric cars from the public lighting network or, perhaps, directly from the street lamps? Plug in and go, recharge done. As a service to the citizen. After all, let's ask ourselves, isn't the light on the streets paid for with our tax money?

Then maybe the problem is another. Perhaps it is the fact that if the charging columns could be used for free by electric cars, more electricity would be needed in the system and this would increase costs and consequently taxes. But is it really so? Are we really sure?

According to assoRinnovabili, the association that brings together the solar industry and that of services for renewables, the truth is another. And it is that, for some years now, the Italian electricity market has been in that condition that is technically defined as 'overcapacity'. That is, it produces more than it consumes.

According to the association's data, the nominal installed power is over 120GW (plus the share of imports) while the peak demand is about 57GW. While considering a necessary margin of maneuver of 30%, at present Italy has an excess of production capacity that exceeds 40GW. Which means wasted energy, because electricity cannot be stored like gas, or underutilized plants that operate half-service.

Why not make the over-production of electricity available in the charging stations for electric cars? It certainly isn't easy, but someone is trying. In Germany, for example, a project is being developed that involves the installation of electric charging stations, more precisely 'charging points', at the base of the street lighting lamps. And it doesn't cost the citizen even one euro more.

Today in Italy of charging columns for electric cars there are not many. To find out where they are located and find the closest one you can use our search engine for charging stations for electric cars

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