DIY organic pesticides, some recipes

DIY organic pesticides, some recipes

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To protect our garden from insects and parasites we do not necessarily have to resort to the classic pesticides available on the market; they do nothing but alter ecosystems both in terms of fauna and environment.

As an alternative to agrochemicals we can resort to DIY organic pesticides with products easily available at home. In this regard, we will show you some recipes to create natural fertilizers effective against insects while respecting the environment.

DIY organic pesticides, insecticide spray
Against aphids and scale insects
Fill a spray container with water and add a tablespoon of castile soap, a pinch of pepper, a tablespoon of garlic powder and a few peppermint leaves. Shake well and your repellent is ready

Against parasites and fungal diseases
Blend a head of garlic and a few cloves then add two cups of water, in order to obtain a very fine mixture. Let it rest for a day and then mix in about 3 liters of water. Spray, with a sprayer, directly on the leaves of the plants.

Against aphids, worms and moths.
In a basin pour 3 cups of chopped tomato leaves then add half a liter of water. Let it rest for at least one night and then dilute the mixture with two more cups of water.

Blend a dozen chillies with two glasses of water for about two minutes at high speed. Let it rest overnight then filter the pulp and pour the liquid into the sprayer by adding a glass of water.

DIY organic pesticides, remedies available at home
Macerated with tobacco
Take the quantity of tobacco contained in 3/4 cigarettes and let it macerate in half a liter of water for a couple of days and then filter. Pour the liquid into a nebulizer and our natural insecticide is ready

Brewer's yeast
To stimulate the blooming of roses, dissolve three tablespoons of brewer's yeast in ten liters of water and water every day

Put them to macerate the nettle in a bucket, cover them with water and let them rest for at least a week. After this time, your new 100% organic liquid fertilizer is ready for use.

Fireplace ash is an excellent natural fertilizer: just place it around the plant to make it act as a fertilizer.

Egg shells
Egg shells are also a perfect natural fertilizer: just break up the shells and add them to the soil to encourage plant growth.

Coffee grounds'
Coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen, magnesium, calcium and potassium for the soil: just use them together with the compost or spread them directly on the ground. But be careful not to overdo the quantities, only a teaspoon a month is recommended.

Vegetable cooking water
Since it is rich in mineral salts and other important nutrients, the cooking water for vegetables is an excellent tonic for plants. Once cold, you can reuse it for watering: be careful, however, it must not be salty.

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