Painter in Milan

Painter in Milan … Thanks to the web! The Internet was indeed the keystone that allowed Felice Mulfari, painter in Milan and its province for over 30 years, to relaunch its business, in a period in which the crisis had made it increasingly difficult to find new customers continuously.

The making of the website has been edited since son, Diego Mulfari, web marketing expert who in a few weeks convinced his dad, initially a bit skeptical, that the web could play a very important role in finding new customers.

... and that's right, looking for a "house painter in Milan"On the web, to repaint my bedroom, which I also found the website of the Mulfari company, and I filled out the online form to request a quote.

Within 24 hours I was contacted and after a few days Mr. Mulfari was already at my house to examine the whitewashing work to do and provide me with a price quotation.

In my case I needed one "standard" painting, white, and as anticipated on the site the estimate was for only 4 euros per square meter, with the guarantee of using quality breathable anti-mold water paint (and moreover an Italian producer!).

After my Ok and spent a couple of days therepainters Mulfari returned to my home in Milan and immediately began a truly "painstaking" job to perfectly cover all the furniture, baseboards, sockets and any other element to be protected before starting theWall painting. I must say that this part of the job left me really positively impressed because it was definitely time-consuming but at the same time very important as I was then able to see when the work was finished as I could not find even a drop of paint (for more easily removable with a sponge, just as quality water-based paint).

In the opening photo of this article you can see a part of the protections in my bedroom which were then completed by a layer of special material all over the floor.

The whitewashing work was performed with two coats of paint, spread a few hours from each other, and Mr. Mulfari has also previously filled in small cracks or depressions, creating a truly perfect job!

The firm "Mulfari Painter”Also specializes in more complex painting works, such as the Gioia marked glaze (offered at 15 Euros per square meter) or the Gioia or Cebos marked glaze glaze, so as to give the walls an extraordinary glitter effect.

For more information on these techniques and the other jobs offered you can contact Felice Mulfari even directly via mobile phone, at number 335 - 5203851.

There Mulfari Painter it is based in Monza, so its services are available in a large part of the north-east hinterland of Milan.

I am sure that if you contact him and tell him that you have found his references on IdeeGreen he will offer you an "even more special" treatment. :-)

In the meantime, you can get to know Diego Mulfari, Felice's son, in this interview with YesTG he retraces the steps of relaunching his father's business as "Painter 2.0“.

If you need an expert, professional, precise and economical painter in Milan for a quality painting job, I therefore recommend you without hesitation to call Felice to get a free quote.

However, I hope that this story can be an inspiration for other professionals who may still be in difficulty and who have not yet discovered the potential of the web to contact new customers.

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