DIY toothpaste

A toothpaste must pass the creaking test in order to be considered harmless to the teeth. Put some between two incisors and move it: if you feel it creak, it means that the composition of the dough is too coarse and therefore not good.

If practically all of the toothpastes that we find on the market, more or less in the manner we have said, all the more reason we must test the homemade toothpaste.

The risk of a toothpaste too abrasive is that in addition to removing tartar, which will probably do well, it damages the tooth enamel, facilitating the formation of bacteria and cavities. So be careful if the toothpaste you have the habit of preparing it yourself (which is very feasible).

For the preparation of good DIY toothpaste creak proof you can follow the recipe that we recommend here.

DIY toothpaste

Ingredients: baking soda (say 6 teaspoons for a quantity of toothpaste equal to one tube); whole salt (less than half a teaspoon); glycerin (3 tsp); essential oil (about 15 drops) preferably choosing from among the essences that can perfume the breath and support the antibacterial action that is normally required of a toothpaste.

For the preparation it is sufficient to mix all the ingredients taking care to mix them well. For storage, use a resealable jar and you will have a good scrotum of toothpaste always fresh.

Staying on the subject of natural remedies for cleaning the teeth and oral hygiene, we cannot forget the proven effectiveness of some fruits such as strawberry, apple and papaya.

Strawberry is particularly effective against tartar: take a fresh one (seasonal is better) cut it in half and rub it on the teeth from the open side, wait a few minutes and rinse.

Apple and papaya act in a similar way with a cleaning action that also has the effect of strengthening the gums and eliminating bad breath. You can use them as you do with the strawberry, cut into slices to pass on the teeth.

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