How to grow tomatoes on the terrace

How to grow tomatoes on the terrace:all tips for the tomato cultivation on the terrace or balcony, from cultivation techniques in pots to irrigation.

Tips for growing tomatoes on the terrace or balcony

Among the plants to grow on the terrace, i Cherry tomatoesor tomato plants with determined growth. The tomato varieties, in fact, can be both indeterminate and determined growth. Indeterminate growing tomatoes are plants that thrive very much and behave almost like climbers, making them more inconvenient to grow in pots. Conversely, fixed-growth tomatoes are more suitable for growing in pots.

Grow tomatoes on the terrace or balcony it is an easy and fun operation to carry out. If you have the opportunity, involve the smallest inhabitants of the house: bringing children closer to agriculture is important, in fact it helps to make them responsible (with the programming of a shared irrigation plan) but also from an environmental and food education point of view. ; long last children can touch the earth, mother of all the products we bring to the table!

Grow tomatoes it is possible both in terrace, both in balcony. There cultivation in pots tomato, just like that in the open field, requires the use of braces.

Among the most popular varieties to grow in pots, we point out the cherry tomato and other varieties with numerous but small berries. When choosing the variety from grow in pots (especially if in small spaces), we recommend preferring those determined growth.

How to grow tomatoes on the terrace

When to start?
The best time to pot already developed tomato seedlings (self-produced from seeds sprouted indoors in February, or purchased from your trusted retailer) falls in May.

What plants of tomato cultivate?
The varieties are numerous, at the time of planting the tomato plants are about 8/10 cm high. The cherry tomato is ideal for those with little space, in any case we suggest the varieties with determined growth, easier to manage and to keep in order.

Which vase to choose for growing tomatoes on the terrace
We recommend placing a single plant in a 30 cm diameter pot. Alternatively, forgrow tomatoes on the balcony or terraceit is possible to bring together several plants using large rectangular pots, appropriately spacing the plants from each other according to the growth needs of the chosen variety. Generally the recommended distance is 12 cm.

Where to place the plants of potted tomato?
Place the pots in a sunny area not far from awater connection. With the summer heat, tomatoes need frequent irrigation so it is good to plan ahead for irrigation. Spending little money, you can buy drip irrigation kits, the necessary to irrigate as many as 20 pots (tomato plants, flowers or other ...), ready for assembly, costs just over 30 euros.

Instructions for growing tomatoes on the terrace

For planting, fill the pots 2/3 with soil and arrange the tomato seedlings possibly with an inclination of the stem of approximately 45 °.

Space the tomato seedlings about 12 cm apart, in this way your tomatoes will grow straight and within a few days.

Cover up to half of the plant with more soil, after a couple of days, water making sure that the soil is well impregnated with water.

When the seedling has reached a certain height, insert a support to support growth.

How to fertilize tomatoes in pots

There are a large number of fertilizers on the market but be careful to choose the right one. A correct fertilization helps to enhance the tomato flavor and to obtain abundant harvests.

Among the best fertilizers for tomatoes on the market I point out the Maxicrop, the one kg package can be bought on Amazon at a price of 11.76 euros with free shipping costs.

How to fertilize tomatoes in pots? Add a teaspoon of product (about 2 grams) to the jar. The dose is indicated for 30 cm pots. If you are growing tomatoes in a larger planter, increase the doses proportionally (for example, 4 grams per 60cm, 6 grams per 80cm crate…).

This fertilizer is excellent because it is able to bring the nutrients necessary to support the growth of tomatoes in pots even in environments "unnatural”Like the domestic one. In particular, the fertilizer reported provides:

  • Nitrogen (8%)
  • Phosphorus (5%)
  • Potassium (6%)
  • Calcium (15%)
  • Manganese (5%)
  • Magnesium (6.5%)

For all information, I refer you to the product sheet:Maxicrop natural fertilizer.

Feel free to make your evaluations before purchasing, the important thing is that when you choose a fertilizer for tomatoes the same nutrients are included, even if present in slightly different percentages (each manufacturer has its own formulation).

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