Social farming, legislation

L'social agricultureis just one of the many faces worn byagricultureconventional in today's society. When theagriculture plays a functional role for the environment and local development, then we speak of permaculture, again, when theagriculture plays a functional role in the social sphere, we are talking aboutsocial agriculture.

L'social agricultureis the practice that incorporates disadvantaged people or people belonging to particular social groups such as the elderly, minors, immigrants into agricultural activities ... In a broad sense, there is a tendency to incorporate intosocial agricultureEven theeducational farmsand the so-called "agrinids"

The first difficulty encountered by entrepreneurs who want to look out in the context ofsocial agriculturelies in the fact that there are no specific hires for disabled people or other types of aid on the farm, which is why entrepreneurs need to start partnerships with institutions, centers or social cooperatives.

Those who intend to start ongoing projects ofsocial agriculturehe will have to know that this sector can only integrate the company profit but not constitute a large part of it: there are earnings prospects but there are a large number of difficulties.

Social farming, legislation

The framework law onsocial agricultureit was approved in July 2014 by the Chamber of Deputies and is now being discussed in the Senate for final approval which should not be long in coming. The national law will then be followed by regional transposition and / or integration laws. Many Regions already provide for a detailed regulation onsocial agriculture, in particular we mention the Veneto, Liguria, Tuscany, Marche, Campania and Abruzzo.

According to the framework law onsocial agriculture, the activities to be integrated into the company to operate in a context "social" I'm:

  • Social and work placement of disadvantaged and / or disabled people and minors of working age in rehabilitation and social support projects
  • Reception and accommodation of children of school age (agro-kindergarten or agronido)
  • Reception and residence of people in social, physical and mental difficulties.
  • Performance and therapeutic services that flank and support traditional medicine therapies also through the aid of animals raised on the farm and the cultivation of plants. In this context we point out the already popular hippotherapy and silvotherapy, a therapeutic approach that sees the direct contact between man and nature.
  • Projects aimed at environmental education
  • Projects aimed at food education
  • Projects aimed at safeguarding biodiversity, as well as disseminating knowledge of the territory through the organization ofeducational farmsand social networks recognized at regional level.

The practices mentioned must be related to agricultural activity when this is carried out by agricultural entrepreneurs pursuant to Article 2135 of the Civil Code and by social cooperatives whose turnover deriving from agricultural activities is prevalent.

Social farming, legislation and benefits for professionals

The framework law that should be approved by the Senate provides interesting news for agricultural entrepreneurs who intend to operate in the field ofsocial agriculture. The competent public bodies for the territory and socio-health districts are required to prepare territorial support and promotion plans forsocial agriculture.

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