How to remove rust

How to remove rust: all the instructions for removing rust from iron and other materials, up to the remedies for rust stains on fabrics.

How to remove rust from iron

To remove iron rust, there are several techniques based on chemical or mechanical principles. The mechanical removal of rust from iron involves the use of wire brushes, abrasive papers or ad hoc equipment. The chemical elimination of iron rust involves the use of products that are often harmful to humans and the environment. Chemicals on the market that can eliminate rust often also offer some protection to the newly treated material. The topic "remove rust"Is very dense, so we refer you to two insights:

How to remove rust with chemicals

How to remove rust from iron - a practical guide that explains how remove rust from iron with chemical products able to protect the iron even for several years. On the market there are chemicals capable ofremove rusteven without preliminary treatment.

Products anti-rust of the older generation needed a preliminary mechanical treatment but today this is no longer the case. The so-called "converters ". The "rust converter" is a substance that functions as a catalyst that triggers a chemical reaction capable of transforming the oxidized layer (rust) in an inert compound of black color, resistant and above all… paintable!

The converter forms a sort of film-forming barrier that protects for a long time, the only risk is sudden changes in temperature which after a few years could cause micro-fractures and new oxygen infiltrations with the consequent appearance ofrust.

Arexon 4145 Ferox Rust Converter, 750 ml bottle
Among the various rust converters on the market, we point outFerox. This product can be found in all hardware stores with a price, for 750 ml bottles, which exceeds 20 euros. Online it is available at the price of 14.90 euros including shipping costs. Ferox does its job very well and as stated, creates a layer that can be easily repainted.

How to remove rust mechanically

How to eliminate rust - second in-depth analysis that shows you how to use a grinder, wire brushes, files, sandpaper and all the tools to provide for the mechanical removal of the rust.

The easiest way to remove rust from iron and other oxidizable metals, requires the use of sandpaper. Sandpaper is practical and inexpensive it is indicated forremove rustwith small regular and slightly oxidized surfaces. Sandpaper is sold in different grains, from coarser to finer for smoothing and finishing. We recommendremove rustwith sandpaper only on small surfaces and only on slightly rusted parts. Remember to choose the most suitable grain for the operation to be performed: for thin rusty objects, take very fine-grained sandpaper. Conversely, for multiple itemsheavyand with less finishing, you can use coarse-grained sandpaper.

How to remove rust from fabrics

Also for the rust stains on fabrics there are natural remedies: put on the stained part of rust some fine salt and a drop of lemon then dry well in the sun and wash in hot water.

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