How to remove stains from fabrics

For remove stains from fabrics no need for hyperaggressive chemicals, most of the time you get an excellent result with grandma's natural stain removers. The important thing to know is that each stain corresponds to a stain remover due to simple chemical combinations.

How to remove stains from fabrics

Burn spots. Ironing can happen to leave a yellowish halo in some point where you have insisted too much on the iron, but it is not an irremediable problem. We work with hydrogen peroxide, wetting the stain and then leaving the fabric in the sun or in full light. Once the water has dried, the stain will have disappeared. Attention only to one thing: hydrogen peroxide can discolour fabrics, so first try it in a corner.

Fruit stains. To solve fruit stains, starting with the stubborn ones of cherries and berries, let the fabrics soak overnight in hot water and soda crystals.

Coffee, tea and chocolate. The problem is solved by wiping the stain with a clean white cloth soaked in white vinegar and alcohol. If the stain persists, cover it with fine salt, let it act for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Patches of grass. The remedy in this case is the same as for burn spots, that is, hydrogen peroxide. You can pour some on a white cloth and then rub. Beware of the colors (see above).

Spots of earth. Let the dirt dry perfectly and then brush the fabric with energy and a hard brush. Take a raw potato, cut it in half widthwise and use it to scrub the fabric. When finished, rinse and wash as usual.

Wine stains. To make wine stains disappear from a tablecloth, immerse the stained part in a pot of hot milk, bring to a boil and leave the fabric immersed until the milk has cooled.

Grease stains. There are several solutions for stains from oil, butter, sauces and condiments. The simplest is to scrub the stain with dish soap and then rinse. You can also use castile soap or black soap by rubbing vigorously.

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