Floor cleaning robot, selection guide

Floor cleaning robot, selection guide

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THEfloor cleaning robotthey spread in the early 2000s, when several companies began to offer them on the market, arousing interest in the public. THEfloor cleaning robotthey move independently and, following a pattern, can clean the surfaces of thefloor removing dirt.

THEfloor cleaning robot, in general, they are able to bypass obstacles and return autonomously to the charging base at the end of cleaning. Between robot for the domestic cleaning, the best known models are probably those of the iRobot range, iRoomba in the category of robot vacuum cleaners and modelsScoobaas floor cleaning robot. In addition, there are "all-around robots" that vacuum, wash and polish the floor. Despite the wide choice of the market, we recommend purchasing the latest iRobot modelsfloor washer and / or iRobot vacuum cleaners that, with a timer, can automate house cleaning even when you are at work. In addition, these models are suitable for those who have stairs in the house, terraces or balconies.

Choose the floor cleaning robotright to your expectations is not a simple thing. There are many models on the market and the risks of getting the wrong one are not lacking.

Before buying afloor cleaning robotlook at the following features:

  • Floor material to be cleaned
  • Squaring of the floors on which you want to use therobot scrubber
  • Ability to create a mapping of the room to be cleaned in order to avoid obstacles, collisions with furniture etc ...
  • Freedom in the choice of cleaning mobility
  • Robot size
  • Noisiness
  • Battery autonomy
  • Presence of a timer for programming washing

iRobot Scooba Household Robot Scrubber
Betweenrobot scrubberon the market, as stated, we suggest thoseiRobot, especially the modelScooba 450asautomatic floor cleanerwhich guarantees a rather complete cleaning.

Scooba 450 can remove up to 99.3% of bacteria and microorganisms present on floors. The cleaning process involves three stages:
- automatically brushes the floor and moistens it preliminarily
- scrub the floor thoroughly
- suck in the water to finish cleaning

The scrubbing brushes perform more than 600 revolutions per minute in order to remove the most stubborn dirt. Thefloor cleaning robotScooba 450 manages to orient itself perfectly at home thanks to the iAdapt navigation technology that creates constantly updated and optimized maps specifically for washing floors.

Thefloor cleaning robotScooba 450 can be used on all surfaces where you would use bucket and mop, so it is not suitable for those who need to automatically clean a room with a large carpet (in this case we recommend arobot vacuum cleaner).

To wash the floors with this robot, simply fill the tank with a cleaning solution and press the buttonClean. Scooba 450 has two cleaning options: a full 40 minute cycle, for cleaning up to 28 square meters, and a 20 minute cycle, for smaller areas, up to 14 square meters.

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