Bioethanol stoves and fireplaces

Bioethanol stoves and fireplaces

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The small heating devices based onbioethanolare used for the adoption ofventless stoves or fireplaces.

Can bioethanol stoves and fireplaces heat the house?

Closed chamber stoves have a higher heating power while ibioethanol fireplacesthey can be chosen more for their high aesthetic value than for their efficiency in heating a room.
THEbioethanol fireplacesthey are suitable for heating small rooms but not large rooms, furthermore they are not suitable for continuous use because in these circumstances they become inconvenient from a point of view cheap.

Often, in the technical data sheets ofbioethanol bio fireplaceswe read that they are able to heat from 15 to 30 square meters depending on the capacity of the burner and the intensity of the flame. Normally one liter ofbioethanolit develops about 3 or 4 kW / h of energy with its combustion. On average, abio fireplace from 4 kW / h it consumes 5 liters ofbioethanolfor an operation of 21 - 28 hours, depending on the intensity of the flame. If you are wondering ifa bioetnaolo fireplace is worthwhileto heat the house, just comb through theprices per liter of bioethanol.

How much does bioethanol cost?
The price of a liter of bioethanol is on average about 4.50 euros even if on the market it is more expensive because it is marketed as "bioethanolhigh yield”Or cheaper because it is sold in savings packs of 20 - 50 liters. Some examples?
–20 Lt BIOETHANOL Clean and odorless combustion for fireplace and bioethanol stove, offered on offer at 54.50 euros.
–12 Lt Bioethanol with high performance, proposed at the price of 44.80 euros.

To return to the questionIt is worth buying a bioethanol fireplace to heat a room
The answer is yes but under these conditions:
-the bioethanol fireplace is only used in a small room
-the bioethanol fireplace is used only for 3-4 hours a day
- the bioethanol fireplace is chosen for its aesthetic value

Other tips for choosing a bioethanol fireplace are available here: How to choose the bioetnaolo fireplace

Advantages of bioetnaol fireplaces:

- they do not require maintenance and are not easy to wear (there are no valves, fans ...)
- they do not need a flue
- they are independent from the electricity grid
- you do not need to do any preliminary installation work
- they are mobile, they can be transported in case of moving but those who want to move them from one room to another will have to buy a specially developed model (with wheels or lighter to transport)
- it is not subject to any legislation, it does not require permits for installation
- it must not be cleaned but only refilled when the tankbioetnaolit is dry
-high aesthetic value and wide variability in design: there are built-in, countertop, wall, table ...
-high variability in prices: a bioethanol bio fireplaceyou can buy it even with only 100 euros of budget.

To get an idea of ​​the variability of prices and models ofbioethanol fireplacesI refer you to the page: Prices and models of bioethanol fireplaces

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