Lantana camara: how to grow it

There lantana camara it is one of the best known, probably the best known, species of the genus lantana. The characteristics, and for many also the qualities, of this evergreen shrub are the inflorescences made up of small fragrant multicolored flowers and the intense smell of the leaves, unpleasant but effective against mosquitoes.

Why the lantana camaraIn addition to being beautiful, it is an anti-mosquito plant and at home, on the balcony and terrace it is useful in summer. The warm season is also the period in which the flowers are seen - technically they are tubular inflorescences of various colors (white, yellow, red, orange ...) - which sprout at the axil of the leaves from May to August gathered in globular corymbs.

Did you know that the flowers of the lantana camara change color? The color of the flowers tends to darken with the passage of time, passing from white to yellow, up to red, so that the same inflorescence has different shades. According to the colors of the flowers, the different varieties of lantana camara.

Variety of lantana camara

There is the Mutabilis with flowers that turn from white to yellow, from pink to lilac; there Cloth of Gold with bright yellow flowers; there Rose Queen with first salmon yellow and then pink flowers; there Spreading Sunset, which is distinguished from the others by the prostrate posture, with the flowers that are first yellow and then become reddish.

Lantana camara: how to grow it

The cultivation of the lantana camara it does not present particular difficulties because it is a resistant shrub. Also quite invasive and for this you will have to worry about pruning. As for the soil, a universal compost with shards placed at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage is fine at home.

There lantana camara it needs bright light to bloom, but suffers from direct sunlight in hot weather. The pots on the balcony and terrace look good in partial shade with an east or west exposure. The minimum tolerated temperature is around 10 ° C, which makes it necessary to withdraw the pots indoors in winter. Watering should be abundant from April to October, taking care to spray water on the leaves in the hottest periods.

The lantana camara reproduces well by cuttings by taking 8-10 cm shoots from the young shoots in March. The seeds, on the other hand, can be found on the market and you can also order them online: Lantana Camara seeds

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