How to get rid of bags under the eyes

How to get rid of bags under the eyes: from surgery to make-up, from natural remedies to deflate bags to products available on the market. Recommended nutrition and effective remedies.

Bags and dark circlesthey make our face appear heavy, tired and aged.Eliminate bags and dark circlesit is possible both with natural remedies and with products available on the market such as the classic face masks. In this article we will seehow to get rid of bags from the eyes.

Dark circles, natural remedies

THE natural remedies for dark circles e eye bags they are complementary and go hand in hand, so to complete this topic we invite you to read our articles dedicated to solving the problem of dark circles.

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As stated, on this page we will focus oneye bagscome on how to eliminate them.

Bags under the eyes causes

The bags are caused by accumulations of liquids localized in the area below theeye. The bags they can be a consequence of water retention, internal hormone fluctuations or an unbalanced diet, excessively rich in salts and animal fats. That said, among theremediesto eliminate bags under the eyes, a healthy diet cannot be missing.

Dark circles and bags, recommended nutrition

Nutrition can promote fluid retention and also improve the vascularization of the periocular area, allowing the reabsorption of bags under the eyes.Pineapple and blueberries improve the elasticity of the capillaries. In general, all berries can be useful: integrate blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Supplements based on bromelain, bitter orange and gotu kola can help fight bags under the eyes in a natural way. In this context, pineapple is also very useful.

Bags under the eyes and sleep quality

The quality of sleep is crucial. Not only will you need to ensure the right hours of sleep but the quality and position in which you sleep also matters.

Do not sleep without a pillow or with a pillow that is too low but choose a pillow that can allow you a good position of the neck and with a raised head. Ideally, you should use a pillow that can perfectly align the head and cervical area so as to prevent the cervical spine from being abnormally curved. If you wake up with recurring morning headaches, you are probably sleeping with an unsuitable pillow. In the article "Cervical, natural remedies" an excellent pillow is reported that can also be useful for keeping the head in optimal condition to allow reabsorption of bags under the eyes.

How to get rid of bags

The bags they can also be caused or aggravated by the position in which we sleep. If you happen to notice the bags under the eyes more accentuated when you wake up, check the position of the head on the pillow, this could be too low or cause a compression of the cheekbones (very common if you sleep on your side). Anatural remedyeffective to cushion the swelling of dark circles consists in making compresses of hot water and cold water upon waking. The compresses should have a duration of four minutes:

  • a minute of hot water
  • a minute of cold water
  • a minute of hot water
  • a minute of cold water

Othersnatural remedies to combat bags under the eyes

Those who prefer shock therapy can put the water packs aside and opt for others natural remedies for bags under the eyes.

Ice and tea filters for wraps

To deflate dark circles, you can pass ice cubes made with rose water around the eyes. Once this is done, apply two tea filters left to infuse for 5 minutes in hot water. The application must last for 5 minutes. As for the filters to choose from, you can alternate between tea filters and chamomile filters: the chamomile filters will perform an actionanti-inflammatorywhile thegreen teait is very useful for toning up, or black tea to stimulate circulation.

Mask against bags under the eyes and dark circles

On the market there are several masks to deflate bags. Just take a tour of the ward "Beauty " of a well-stocked hypermarket to find different products. Among the most valid we point out those based on collagen. Those accustomed to buying and selling online, at this Amazon address, can find 10 pairs of gel masks, ready to apply, at the price of 5.10 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

Bags under the eyes, surgery as a remedy

Is calledblepharoplasty, and it is that surgery which, through a small cut, will allow the removal of skin and fluids that are deposited in the area below our eyes. Not all women can undergo this surgery so it is necessary to undergo a series of preliminary checks.

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