Christmas table for 8 with less than 60 euros

You have invited relatives and want to beautify the Christmas table with a touch of sympathy? The challenge is to do it with less than 60 euros - let's talk about one Christmas table for 8 people - without making a bad impression (no plastic plates and glasses so to speak ...) and without spending a fortune on things that will then remain in the cellar until next year. Even without leaving home as we will order everything online with home delivery.

So we said that plates, cutlery and glasses you put them there, and that it is the best equipment of the house, what is still needed on our Christmas table is a beautiful Christmas tablecloth, matching napkins and a candle centerpiece (red). The extra note will be the chair covers in the shape of a Santa Claus hat, which in addition to making the chairs look all the same (a useful trick if you have to put together the living room and kitchen ones to make everyone sit).

Tablecloth. For our table of 8 we choose one of 153cmx214, red with golden threads and rounded edges. Made of polyester, it is machine washable at 40 ° C. Also available in other sizes - 127cm x 178cm; 92cm x 92cm and 160cm diameter round - the size we want costs 30.95 but is on offer at 16.95: Angelica Bauble - Christmas tablecloth

Napkins. With our heads held high we choose them of paper and in good number, 48, so we will have plenty of them for all courses and maybe they will be enough for all parties. Red and white color with a nice floral theme, a pack costs 9 euros: Christmas 48 paper napkins 33 × 33 cm

Santa Claus chair cover. This is the chef's touch and the difference, but also the one that threatens to raise our budget. Among the various offers, we choose a cover in the shape of a Santa Claus hat in polyester and felt. The package is 10 pieces (we keep 2 in spare) and costs 22.57 euros: Santa Claus hat-shaped chair cover - 10 pieces

Let's do the bill: tablecloth plus napkins plus centerpiece plus chair covers for eight people we get by with 58.43 euros, shipping costs (contained) separately. On closer inspection, it also seems to us to be of fairly good quality and almost everything, excluding napkins and candles, will be good again next year.

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