Vegetable juices: natural supplements

Who is on the hunt fornatural supplementsto get your fill of well-being, you can benefit from the many virtues of thevegetable juices. THEvegetable juicescan be considerednatural supplements of vitamins and minerals.

As a rule, our body does not producevitamins but it is limited to using those ingested with food. Asupplementnatural vitamin can help the body reach the ration necessary for the body's physiology. The same goes for mineral salt supplements enatural supplementsenergetic.

Thenatural supplementsof mineral salts are particularly useful for those who play sports, as, through sweating, many salts are dispersed as well as normal toxins.

Adding a little fruit to thevegetable juicesyou can get excellentnatural supplementsenergetic.How many of you have ever bought an energizing drink?
Thenatural supplementsof this type, usually, they are based on simple sugars supplemented with vitamins of group B, C and E.

Energy supplements promote some activitiesinvoluntaryand they can be useful not only for sportsmen but also for students. Who does not have to cope withfood shortages, rather than going to the pharmacy can fill up withnatural supplementsthrough the ingestion of excellentvegetable juices. Let's see somerecipes of vegetable juices.

Attention, manyblogstate that icentrifugedas well as juice extracts, they are rich in fiber: nothing could be more false! With the centrifuge or extractor, fruit and vegetables lose most of their fiber. This does not happen with classic blenders so if it is in your interest to ingest fiber, we advise you to abandon the more "sponsoredā€¯Juicers or juice extractors and adopt the good old blender. For further information, please refer to the articleCold juice extractors.

Natural supplement of mineral salts perfect for athletes
Cucumber is able to replenish the liquids lost with sweating, the orange provides vitamins, especially vitamin C, the bioflavonoids of the orange strengthen connective tissues, ligaments and cartilage and finally, parsley has stimulating properties for the whole body.

To prepare this vegetable juice / smoothie you will need:
- a cucumber
-an orange
-60 gr of parsley leaves

Wash each ingredient well (especially if you bought it at the supermarket counter!). Peel the orange and cucumber. Put everything in the centrifuge, operate and drink your natural drink based on mineral salts and vitamins.

Vegetable juice, an excellent natural supplement to soothe the symptoms of PMS. Also very useful for students who suffer the stress of exams.

- three ripe tomatoes
- a small cucumber
- ten basil leaves
-a pinch of salt

Again, all you have to do is wash all of themvegetables, place them in the centrifuge and run it.

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