Family ADSL offers

Thefamily ADSL offers they manage to please everyone, bringing together several services in a convenient and single package that also allows you to save several euros.

In fact, when it comes to the Internet, in family, everyone has their own needs: there are those who want to watch the game or their favorite series in high definition or, if they have to finish a job from home, have quick access to the cloud to download and upload files; who does not want to miss the episodes of the most popular TV shows, such as X-Factor and Masterchef; and who can not help but spend hours on social networks.

Thanks to annual payment (269 Euros in a single payment), there is one of the most convenient offers Internet Pack by Telecom Italia, an exclusive online promotion that guarantees 7 Mbps download for unlimited Internet traffic, a kit with Wi-Fi modem and 8 GB memory key, activation included in the price and free shipping, as well as calls to national landlines at 0 cents / minute with the payment of the connection fee only. In addition, antivirus for a PC is included.

All Included Light by Tiscali is another family ADSL offer often subject to very convenient promotions: here the speed for unlimited Internet browsing reaches up to 20 Mbps, with unlimited calls to all national landlines and 500 minutes a month to all national mobile phones and international landlines: you only pay for the connection fee of 20 cents. For those who hurry, even by visiting our page comparator to get all the details of the rate, activation and the Tiscali Wi-Fi modem can be free.

Also in promotionfamily ADSL offer Homepack Full which allows you to combine the quality of Sky television with the speed of the Fastweb network: 20 Mbps which can become 100 Mbps thanks to the UltraFibra option.

L'family ADSL offer of Infostrada is called instead Absolute ADSL, also at a download speed of 20 Mbps, with unlimited landline calls, connection fee of 0.18 cents and, for those who subscribe from the web, free activation.

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