How to have ADSL and TV with a single subscription

To discover how to have ADSL and TV with a single subscription it means enjoying high definition without interruptions and waits, all while saving hundreds of Euros compared to two subscriptions purchased individually.

The success of TV streaming is now under everyone's eyes: from the "obligatory" television offer of a few years ago, we have moved on to much richer and more varied catalogs, plus the possibility of watching your favorite films or programs on the go , on smart TVs, PCs, tablets and even smartphones. The only requirement is to have a broadband or ultra-broadband connection, such as those that are spreading in major Italian centers thanks to the main operators.

Choose an offer for ADSL and TV with a single subscription also allows, in most cases, to be able to make phone calls by paying only the connection fee or in a totally flat formula, having a broadband connection available for your PC: with wireless it will then be very easy to share your access to the network with all home devices.

Homepack, the best known rate, brings together all the speed of Fastweb fiber with Sky's offer: unlimited calls, 100 Mbit / s connection (with the UltraFibra option), Sky On Demand and My Sky, and all Serie A, the exclusive Bundesliga, Euro 2016 qualifiers and, thanks to Fox Sports, also the best matches in the English, Spanish and French leagues. And with Sky Tv, the most popular TV shows and series of the moment.

Another offer is that aimed at Vodafone users, both ADSL and Fiber (and for the inhabitants of Milan and Bologna, with Super Fiber the connection even reaches 300 Mbit / s in download). For these subscribers, it is possible to try the Infinity service for six months at no cost, simply by registering on the site. In this way, 5,000 contents will be available including films, cartoons and TV series on demand, to be watched on PC, Mac, tablet, Smart TV and smartphone. The offer is also valid for mobile customers who take advantage of Vodafone's 4G.