Calculation of the thermal account incentive for the purchase of stoves

Calculation of the thermal account incentive for the purchase of stoves

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Forto calculatethe amount ofincentivedelivered with thethermal accountGSE we can refer to simple mathematical equations.

The amount paid by theincentiveof thethermal accountit depends on the power of the new appliance, its efficiency, the quantity of emissions released into the atmosphere and the climatic zone in which it is installed. The mathematical formula forcalculate the thermal accountrelates all these data.

Thermal account, formula for calculating the incentive for stoves and fireplaces

  • Thermal account incentive = 3.35 x ln (Pn) x hr x Ci x Ce

Don't be scared! They are all constants to be replaced with known numbers.

Pn corresponds to the rated power of thestoveor offireplace stovethat you have purchased.
Hr corresponds to your climate zone
There is the value of the incentive expressed in € / kWh
Ce is the reward coefficient referred toemissionsof primary particulate matter. It is precisely theThere is(reward coefficient) to increase the value ofincentiveof thethermal accountby 20 or 50%.

Ci = 0.040 € / kW
The value Ci forcalculate the thermal account incentivefor the purchase ofwood stoves,fireplaces orpellet stoveswith nominal heat output less than or equal to 35 kW is 0.040 € / kW.

Ce for pellet stoves and pellet fireplaces
The Ce value for thecalculation of the thermal accountfor the purchase ofpellet stovesand fireplaces varies according to the level of emissions. Check the emissions of the device you intend to purchase and if these are:

- 20 the Ce is equal to 1

- 15 the Ce is equivalent to 1.2

- Emissions ≤ 15 -> the Ce is equivalent to 1.5

These values ​​are indicated in the Ministerial Decree 14/01/16.

Ce for wood-burning stoves and wood-burning thermo-fireplaces
For thewood-burning stoves and fireplacesthe estimate ofThere isrefers to these values:
- emissions between 60 and 80, the There is equals 1
- emissions between 40 and 60, the There is equals 1.2
- emissions below 40, the There is is equivalent to 1.5

Hr and climatic zone
If you do not know which climate zone your city belongs to, at the end of the article there is a table showing the schematic representation of the various Italian climate zones, city by city. Based on the city, the Hr value equals:
- Climate zone A = 600
-Climate zone B = 850
- Climate zone C = 1100
- Climate zone D = 1400
-Climate zone E = 1700
-Climate zone F = 1800

Practical example of calculating the incentive of the thermal account

  • Thermal account incentive = 3.35 x ln (Pn) x hr x Ci x Ce

All variables are replaced by taking as an example the purchase of onepellet stovefrom 12 KW and emissions below 20 mg (Ce = 1.2), in the municipality of Bergamo (the table below shows that Bergamo belongs to the climatic zone E, corresponding to the value 1700). It is calculated:

  • 3.35 x ln (12) x 1700 x 0.04 x 1.5 = € 849 x 2 years = € 1,698 incentive

The logarithm of 12 is 2.48; "ln "is the classic logarithm, just press this button on the calculator at the time ofcalculation of the thermal account incentive.

To knowhow to access the thermal accountand whichstovesboilersorfireplacescan be incentivized, we refer you to the articleThermal account, the legislation.

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