How to dispose of expired drugs, the guide

How to dispose of expired drugs: all the instructions for the management and thedisposal ofexpired drugs, from collection to conferment.

THEexpired drugsthey are hazardous waste commonly produced in the household. When we talk aboutHazardous waste, in fact, we do not have to imagine waste or industrial waste material, every day we produce a large number ofHazardous wastesuch as solvents, cooking oil, batteries, batteries, glues, disinfectants… among the most common hazardous waste are iexpired drugswhich must be disposed of in a special way.

How to dispose of expired drugs

Dispose of expired medicationsit is not a difficult operation but requires a minimum of attention and patience. THEexpired drugscannot be disposed of with separate collection because they fall within the category of waste classified as RUP, an acronym that stands formunicipal waste dangerous.

For dispose of expired drugsit will be necessary to collect them and deliver them to a collection center or more simply to pharmacies or medical clinics where the red bins for the collection of expired drugs.

What are the drugs that fall into the category of hazardous municipal waste?

  • All syrups
  • All drugs in lozenges / tablets
  • Medicines in bottles
  • Medicines in the form of ointment
  • Vials for injections
  • Disinfectants

What should not be given in the red bin of the collection of expired drugs
The package leaflet and the drug box, if in cardboard, must be collected in the paper collection.

Useful tips
Fordispose of expired drugsat best, it is advisable to periodically check the medicine cabinet kept at home, so as to eliminate all drugs that have passed the recommended expiration date.

How to dispose of used syringes
Wastes related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in humans must be collected and disposed of with special precautions applied to avoid infections. The needle of the used syringes must be covered with its cap; sharp objects can be disposed of with unsorted waste only if placed in rigid and well-protected containers.

Proper disposal of sharp objects for medical use reduces the risk of damage to the public (especially to operators who deal with waste management) and damage to the environment. At public hospitals there are special yellow collection containers, sometimes, collection points for sharp objects for medical use can be found at pharmacies.

It is good to remember that syringes, used or new, should never be disposed of together with the plastic collection.

When purchasing needles, syringes or other materials for the treatment and prevention of diseases, ask the pharmacist if they have suitable containers for the correct disposal and follow the instructions given by the pharmacy itself.

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