Car sharing: an affordable revolution

Car sharing: an affordable revolution

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"How the sharing economy changes our mobility". As the car sharing, above all, is it already changing it?

This is the question that the book published by Ambiente editions a few months ago, in June: "Car Sharing" of the expert in the sector Carlo Iacovini. The advance of car sharing We have it under our eyes every day, especially in big cities, but to be aware of it and not miss out on excellent opportunities to improve your daily life, this is the book that should be read.
It is an agile paperback and accessible even to non-experts, of course… you need to be interested in the subject. But, given the important earning opportunities in time and money, it pays to be!

As Carlo Iacovini explains, the car sharing it can become a solution cheap. From an economic point of view, for rates that are often lower than the costs of running and maintaining a car owned. From the point of view of sustainability, why the car sharing it is a practice that eliminates about 10 private cars from the streets every time it is practiced. From the point of view of livability, and those who live in the city know it well: just think of the space you earn, to be used for the benefit of pedestrian mobility, cycle path or to be used as gardens.

If years ago living without a car seemed like a utopia, and the word car sharing, a magic formula, today, is no longer the case and this book explains why, convincing with data and analysis. And it turns out that the annual mileage of service users decreases by 25% over time. So just try, to be tempted by this "Car sharing" and then transform it into a lifestyle.

After the presentation by Charlie Gnocchi and a preface by Gianni Silvestrini, in "three acts" the volume recounts the car sharing from various points of view: that of automotive, that of businessmen and that of ordinary citizens. Broadening his gaze, Iacovini also looks at successful international experiences, also recounting Italian cases of car sharing Car2go and Enjoy, and not yet, to date, like Zipcar. With over ten years of international experience behind him in the sector, Carlo Iacovini does not write just a manifesto of praise to car sharing but he is well able to identify and explain the critical issues, and the industry behind them, revealing the mechanisms, but well convinced that it is still a revolution that is worth following, of feeding. At least to know, by reading.

“Car sharing. How sharingeconomy changes our mobility ”can be purchased online for only 11.9 Euros.

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