Hybrid car Renault Eolab, photos and info

L'hybrid car Renault Eolabpromises 100 kilometers with just one liter of fuel and the name makes it clear: it is not a simple prototype but a walking laboratory that incorporates 100 new technologies that will soon be applied to production models.

The biggest challenge of the French manufacturer is to transform this concentration of innovation into a series model frompriceaccessible to all.

Who is in a hurry to get their wallet to buy a new one Renautl hybrid carmust wait: only about fifty of these innovations will go into production in series models, progressively, from today until 2018.

Another 20 new technologies will be incorporated into the assembly line of the new cars in production by 2016 and another thirty by 2022. The wait seems related to the primary target of the project which aims to combine technologyhybridto apricecontent sales.


With the'hybrid car Renault Eolab,electric powertrain and battery pack are perfectly integrated and do not steal space or weight: theEolabit weighs only 955 kg, against the 1,2005 of the classic Clio.

Hybrid car Renault Eolab, features

  • Petrol engine
    Three-cylinder petrol aspirated 1.0 that delivers the power of 75 hp and 95 Nm
    The engine is "small" it is true, but the car is also lighter and aerodynamics have improved by 30% compared to the Clio. The lightening of the car allows to obtain with the 3-cylinder, the same performance seen with the four-cylinder turbo TCe 120 horsepower. That is to say an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h covered in 9 seconds.
  • Functions:
    plug-in electric,long range mode ...
    The user can count on driving modes that optimize fuel consumption according to needs. With the option "plug-in electric " it will be possible to travel up to 120 km / h zero emissions; the “Long range mode” is the modehybridfor long journeys.
  • Electric motor
    Permanent magnet motor-generator of 68 hp and 200 Nm, powered by 400V lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 6.7 kWh. The battery pack weighs only 150 kg.
  • Transmission
    The gearbox is robotic with three gears and without clutch.
  • Tablet
    The on-board tablet keeps the user informed at 360 °. The rear cameras transmit the footage from the "video rearview mirror" to the central display. The large display informs you about every aspect that can affect your driving style.

L'hybrid car Renautl Eolabtakes from the Clio the maximum dimensions, the prototypehybridhowever, it is lower with a 10 cm narrower rear track to obtain a tapered tail that reduces the wake and improves aerodynamics. Despite this slight narrowing, on board the fit does not change: the seats are moved forward by 15 cm and lowered by 5.

The lightness of this car is confirmed by a mix of four materials and… no carbon to facilitate a smart choice more accessible to the general public. Four materials are used: thin glass, aluminum, magnesium and thermoplastic composites with glass fibers.


L'autonomyin solo modeelectricavailable with driving mode "electric plug-in”Is 65 km, enough to move around the city. The electric mode sees a speed limited to 120 km / h.

Renault hybrid cars, the price
The technologies developed byRenaultwill also be resumed onNissan hybrid carsnext generation. The French manufacturer did not speak ofprice listbut he has only expressed his intentions to make them accessible. Today, most ofhybrid cars on the marketwith technologyhybrid plug-inare offered in segments greater thanpriceof over 40 thousand euros. Of course, the solutions shown with theEolabthey are far cheaper.

We remind you that the French manufacturer has launched on the market one of the cheapest electric cars, with an excellent quality / price ratio, it is theRenault ZOEwhich puts electric traction within everyone's reach.


Video: Renault: lEolab prend la route! (October 2021).