The Candidate ... fighting the eco-mafia

Waste trafficking. Recycling of toxic sludge. Illegal building. Dog fights. Clandestine horse racing. IS Archaeomafia.

Something is missing?

The ingredients are all there, or almost, for a good noir di ecomafia as indeed it turns out to be "The candidate" written by Alfredo Colitto and published by the careful Ambiente editions.

Excellent recipe for a good novel but bad elements for the protagonist if it is a candidate for regional elections. We are in Puglia, moreover, and, as Federico Molinari himself explains, the candidate, in fact, "The reality is that Italy is sinking. And since it's a boot, the foot is the one that sinks first. At the foot of Italy we are, Puglia ".

Everything that makes this young politician indignant does not bring votes in the elections, and his spin-doctor Oreste does nothing but reiterate it. Yet, he does not remain indifferent, despite his perplexed entourage, and has no intention of leaving the fate of a small community like that of San Sebastiano Pierced. Vote or not vote, convenience or not, he doesn't want to give up.

And to think that, moreover, the town of San Sebastiano Trafitto, in fact, is in the lower Molise, but after the earthquake that destroyed it, for logistical reasons, its inhabitants were transferred to makeshift accommodation set up a few kilometers away. , but in the Apulian territory. Hence, years later, they fall within the interests of the candidates regional elections in Puglia, at the gates, thus becoming a symbol of a reality left to itself. The inhabitants still live temporarily in containers, between illicit trafficking, secrets, silences.

The regional elections, however, can they be an opportunity for redemption, will they be? It will depend on how pure and idealistic our Federico Molinari really is, how brave and how shrewd he is, because good intentions are not enough against ecomafie, against the interests that, secretly, even the most unsuspected harbor.

In addition to a realistic immersion in political mechanisms, during the regional elections, or similar, The candidate is an excellent representative picture of numerous and realities of eco-crimes scattered throughout the territory, of small numbers but which, if they happen under the eyes of the media, or politics, can become a lever to change a national trend. Can. It depends. But also a book that tells us about it helps us to see clearly. A noir that sheds light.

"The candidate" is currently on offer on Amazon at 10.2 euros.

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