How to quit smoking

Many books have been written about how to quit smoking and there are many and often conflicting opinions on the most effective methods. What is scientifically proven is that smoking is highly harmful to health and in particular increases the chance of having lung cancer or throat cancer.

Stop smoking it is not easy and requires a lot of willpower but it is a battle that all smokers can win! Here are our tips on some of the most successful techniques forstop smoking.

Let's start with the cause first: why it's so difficult stop smoking? For Dr. Anna Maria Sepe, inductive psychoanalyst and expert in translational hypnosis, "The deductions according to which the individual is driven to contract the habit of smoking are many ", but more simply “Smoking is a response to the emotions and difficulties of everyday life.”The method proposed by the same doctor for stop smoking it is hypnosis, but in the absence of a true expert, smokers can try self-hypnosis exercises to finally give up the habit of smoking.

Stop smoking with self-hypnosis it involves two phases. One phase associates smoking with various negative factors, the other phase is instead "release“, Relaxation and for this reason called“ positive inductive phase ”. What is needed for these exercises? For the positive inductive phase, you will need a sheet of paper, a blue pen, some songs and some free time in the evening, before going to sleep; for the "negative inductive phase", you will need the above, plus a cigarette and a narrow space such as a shower in a bathroom.

The exercise - Relaxation phase, positive inductive. At least mark:

  • three names of people who have been part of your life. You must have exclusively positive memories of these people, they must not have polluted or undermined your serenity of life in the least.
  • Write down the names of three objects that belong to you and give you pleasure.
  • The title of three favorite songs, to be listened to as background music during all the annotations.
  • Three characters you admire, famous or not, who have not been part of your life.
  • Three favorite dishes (omit this point if you have an Eating Disorder).
  • The name of your favorite perfume.
  • Mark these three terms: sun, sea and love. Mark again: yellow, blue and green, trying to imagine something that corresponds to that color.
  • After writing down what is indicated, relax by finishing listening to the three marked songs, lie down and reread what is written at least three times.

Another increasingly popular method for stop smoking instead passes through the use of so-called electronic cigarettes through which smokers inhale doses of vaporized nicotine from battery-powered devices that look like, even from the point of view of form, real cigarettes. According to a study by the Journal of Public Health, the level of carcinogens present in the vapor of electronic cigarettes are about one thousandth of those present in the smoke of a normal cigarette.

The use of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation it offers the additional advantage of not depriving the smoker of a "gesture", that of bringing the cigarette to his lips, which responds to daily behaviors and habits, often implemented as a response to situations of stress and boredom, which it would be difficult to stop abruptly.

How does the electronic cigarette work?
The electronic cigarette involves the use of small capsules containing small doses of nicotine and different types of aromas that are vaporized and aspirated by the user. The smoke produced is therefore water vapor and does not contain toxic substances. Electronic cigarettes work with batteries that are recharged through special chargers to be connected to a PC or to the mains via a USB socket.

A kit consisting of an electronic cigarette + USB charging adapter is for example sold on Amazon for 15.99 euros.

The choice of the type of capsules to use and possibly the percentage of nicotine present is therefore up to the user who can "detoxify" more easily by gradually decreasing the nicotine doses,

Melatonin for smoking cessation

Theremelatoninit would seem a good helper for anyone trying to quit smoking. A single oral dose ofmelatonin taken 3.5 hours after the last cigarette it would seem to counteract restlessness, irritability, anxiety, depression and the desire to smoke for the next 10 hours. To shorten the absorption times, it is recommended to use melatonin to be dissolved in the mouth (possibly under the tongue) as in the case ofPure Melatonin Fast, proposed on Amazon at a price of € 15.65 including shipping costs.

The medical patch to stop smoking is another option, available in pharmacies for some time and based on the principle of a gradual release of small doses of nicotine. Unfortunately, a study by the Federal Drug Administration (American government body responsible for monitoring the health of citizens) has established that on average 75% of smokers who try to quit smoking with this method, resume smoking within a year.

Another FDA study also showed that some people are genetically predisposed to have more difficulty in stop smoking: mutations in a cluster of nicotinic receptor genes (CHRNA5-CHRNA3-CHRNB4) would contribute to nicotine addiction and heavy smokers.

It is however certain that stop smoking it requires great willpower and great commitment!

The National Institute of Health to help stop smoking has made available a dedicated toll-free number 800 - 554088, free of charge, anonymous and active from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00.

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