Macadamia oil, all the info

Macadamia oil, all the info

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Macadamia oil: how to use it on skin and hair. Benefits, properties and use in the kitchen offood macadamia oil. Nutritional values, price and where to find it.

Macadamia, plant

Macadamiais a genus of plants that includes four species, all very important from a commercial point of view for the production of nuts, used both in the fieldfoodthatcosmetic. The species commonly called "macadamia plant" I'm:

  • Macadamia integrifolia
  • Macadamia jansenii
  • Macadamia ternifolia
  • Macadamia tetraphylla

In general, for the production of oil, the macadamia integrifolia plant is used but in any case, the extracted oil has a similar nutritional profile both from a fatty acid point of view and from a microelement point of view.

Theremacadamia plantit is an evergreen native to Australia that can even reach a height of 10 meters. Themacadamia nutsthey have a very hard, woody and globose follicle, with a pointed apex and which contains one or two seeds. It is from here that the oil is produced.

The photo below shows onemacadamia nutsectioned in half and again, later, of thefood macadamia oil.

Macadamia oil, properties and nutritional values

Among the micronutrients found inmacadamia oil we find niacin (vitamin B3 or vitamin PP), iron, magnesium and thiamine (vitamin B1) and among the fatty acids, in addition to the oleic one, we have considerable quantities of palmitoleic acid with strong antioxidant properties.

The fatty acid composition of macadamia oil includes:

  • Oleic acid 60%
  • Palmitoleic acid 19%
  • Linoleic acid 2.8%
  • Linolenic acid 1%
  • Omega-6 3%
  • Omega 3. 3%

The fatty acid profile of the macadamia nut is not affected by the growing medium. Just like coconut oil, macadamia oil is also very stable because it has a low content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is appreciated because it looks like one source of vitamin A and vitamin Ein addition to providing the micronutrients mentioned above.

Food macadamia oil

Macadamia oil, which is cold extracted from the nuts of the plant of the same name, is widely used not only in cosmetics but also in kitchen.

The oil has a significant amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, the same that we find in olive oil. Since it has good resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, it can be used for frying.

How to use macadamia oil in cooking?
Macadamia oil can be used for frying thanks to its high heat capacity: it has a smoke point of 210 ° C, not bad if you consider that corn oil has a smoke point of 160 ° C and peanut oil of 180 ° C.

Other advantages of using food macadamia oil are:

  • Contains up to 85% of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • It does not undergo any sophistication treatment, as it naturally has a long life.
  • High resistance to oxidation.
  • High resistance to high temperatures, therefore suitable for cooking.
  • Free of cholesterol.
  • Perfect for baked goods.
  • Perfect for the preparation of desserts because it has a light and delicate flavor, very different from the vegetable oils we are used to.

Where to buy it? L'Food macadamia oil it is not easily found on the market. For the purchase you can take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon you can buy a bottle at a price of 13.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

Macadamia oil, benefits on the skin

L'macadamia oil, less known than other beauty oils such as Jojoba, has extraordinary properties that favor the natural beauty of skin and hair. These virtues are due to the particular profile of fatty acids and the essential elements it contains. In particular, its effects benefits on skin is hair, are linked to the abundant presence of palmitoleic acid which has a structure very similar to that of our sebum. L'macadamia oil it is able to improve the appearance of the skin and hair.

As it is not greasy, it is easily applied to the skin and is quickly absorbed and has a pleasant scent. It can be used pure or in preparations of balms and body creams for dry skin, but we often find it as the main ingredient in sun products: thanks to its moisturizing effect it is very suitable for the prevention of sunburn and is perfect for those with dehydrated skin and desquamated.

Macadamia oil, benefits on the hair

L'macadamia oil it is extremely effective in the beauty of hair, especially if it is dry and brittle. Thanks to the high presence of vitamin E, a keratinizing action is obtained, thus promoting the renewal of capillary cells: it represents a good nourishmentfor the hair.

For application just put a few drops of oil on all damp hair before proceeding with the normal style. It is an excellent remedy for those who have problems with frizzy hair, detangles the hair in a delicate and natural way.

Where to buy macadamia oil

L'cosmetic macadamia oilas opposed to thatfood, it is easier to find on the market.

You can contact the most well-stocked herbalists or, even in this case, take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon you will find a large number of proposals. Among the many, I would like to point out one with an excellent quality / price ratio and tested by me personally. It is a 500 ml "convenience" bottle, the bottle is made of plastic and the price of the package is 15.99 euros with free shipping. Those who prefer can choose glass bottles or smaller formats, as stated, cosmetic macadamia oil is much more widespread than that for food use, so you are spoiled for choice.

For all the info on the product mentioned, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

L'macadamia oil it can be stored for up to 2 years but must be kept in a dry environment away from sunlight. The same precaution must be applied to bothfood macadamia oil both for cosmetic use.

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