How to install a chronothermostat

How to install a chronothermostat, the complete guide that will explain, step by step,how to mount the chronothermostat to the boiler. Thechronothermostatit is that device that allows us to adjust the temperature not only according to the thermal requirement but also according to the time slots of the day, weekly programs or according to pre-set intervals.

How to install a chronothermostat,replacement
If you have to mount thedigital chronothermostatinstead of the analogue one or, if you need to replace the old thermostat with a chronothermostat, we refer you to the guidehow to mount a chronothermostat.
How to install chronothermostat, the necessary
Forconnect a chronothermostatat the boiler you will need these materials:

  • a chronothermostat
  • dowels and screws (fisher)
  • cable for connection
  • electrical conduit
  • one meter
  • a pencil
  • a drill
  • a screwdriver

Thechronothermostatmanages to regulate the temperature by communicating with theboiler. Forconnect the chronothermostattoboilerthe scheme provides areceiver(which runs on electricity, connected to the boiler) and thechronothermostatwhich acts as a detector and forwards information to theboilerthrough the receiver. The chronothermostat works with battery, it must be installed away from windows and at a height of about 150 cm from the ground.

The first thing to do is to install the rear shell to the wall, fixing it with screws. Wall fixing is very simple. The fixing operation is similar for the rear body of the receiver (to be connected to the boiler) and of the detector (to be installed in a room of the house).

The only difference is that the receiver gives connect to the boilerit works on electricity, so it will be necessary to prepare the electrical hooks and, for safety reasons, it will be necessary to disconnect the domestic electrical network.

When mounting the receiver, run the electrical cables through the holes provided in the box and then connect the cables that go to the boiler. Forconnect the chronothermostat(receiver) toboiler, look at your boiler, this should have a predisposition for connection by means of a terminal intended to accommodate the cables of the receiver. If theboilerit does not have a predisposition and only provides for domestic heating, connections to thechronothermostatthey must be made with a fitting at the level of the burner or pump. On the contrary, if theboilerprovides both the production of hot water and domestic heating, the connection must be made at the level of the pump or mixer.

Once connected thechronothermostatthis will have to be put into operation:
- put the batteries in the chronothermostat (emitter / detector) and fix it to the wall in the previously prepared base
- activate the receiver
- perform the recognition procedure between the emitter (the one in the room) and the receiver (the one connected to theboiler).

When purchasing achronothermostatit is advisable to carefully read all the indications given by the manufacturer, the instructions can be very useful as some specifications may differ.

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