Mold stains on the walls

The mold stains on the walls home certainly hide a big problem of humidity! Before removing them, it is good to make sure that their appearance is not due to infiltrations or water leaks: if so, you must necessarily contact specialized personnel.

Very often mold is caused by bad habits such as drying clothes at home, never airing the rooms, etc. In this regard, it may be useful to read the article "How to dehumidify the environment". In any case, let's see how to eliminate mold stains on the walls by following our instructions.
Mold stains on the walls, useful recommendations

  • Do not scratch the stains with brushes and spatulas, the spores would spread in the air
  • Wear a face mask when removing mold from walls
  • When finished, ventilate the room
  • If you need to paint the walls, first apply a coat of specific products against the formation of humidity and choose products with built-in anti-mold: many experts recommend a coat of white vinegar before painting with water-based paints or lime paints to avoid the formation of stains. mold on the walls of the house.

Mold stains on the walls, remedies

  • In the case of white walls, rub the wall with a cloth soaked in a solution based on hydrogen peroxide at 130 volumes in the proportion of 100 ml for each half liter
  • Alternatively you can use a natural system which consists of diluting 2 glasses of white wine vinegar, 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate in a liter of boiling water: also in this case you will have to rub on the area to be treated with a cloth soaked in the solution
  • Another home remedy consists in rubbing a solution composed of water, fine salt, 30-volume hydrogen peroxide and perborate on the wall: the proportions are 750 ml of water, 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of fine salt and 2 tablespoons of perborate.

PLEASE NOTE: Some propose bleach to remove mold stains: it is certainly an effective method but it is wrong to use it since its components cause the further spread of mold at a later time and the problem becomes worse instead of finding the solution.

Products that eliminate mold and prevent its reappearance

In addition to the natural remedies described in this article, it is possibleeliminate mold from the wallsusing ready-to-use sprays capable of eliminating mold stains and preventing their reappearance. Among the most effective products we point out:

Eliminate mold spray - 1 liter bottle

Just repeat the application 2-3 times within half an hour to see the wall free from mold stains and to its former glory. Between one coat and the other, the product must be allowed to act for about 10 minutes.

The large one-liter package can be bought on Amazon at a price of 12.39 euros including shipping costs.

Ariasana Smuffer - 500 ml bottle

This anti-mold liquid has a light lemon scent. It is able to eliminate mold in a few minutes, it is also effective against algae, mosses and other microorganisms that propagate with spores. Excellent for removing the black mold from the shower seal and tile grout.

The 500 ml pack can be bought for 17.18 euros on Amazon, the price includes the costs for home delivery.