Savory properties and natural remedies

Savory properties and natural remedies

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There savory has enjoyed a reputation as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. So much so that the monks of the past, in order not to fall into temptation, were forbidden to cultivate it in their gardens. Today infusions and herbal teas of savory they are used in herbal medicine as a diuretic and natural remedy against worms and intestinal ailments. But the reputation of 'love weed' remains.

There savory it is found in the countryside in warm temperate zones and can also be grown in the garden. There are two types: one for cultivation which is called annual savory or San Giulio's grass, and a mountain grass also called calamento or nepetella. Both have the same properties for which the one found can be used.

Where to find it and how to recognize it. There savory not cultivated it is found in the Mediterranean hill areas in dry soils and in rocky areas. The 'domestic' one, which resists cold and humidity better than the other, grows well even in the north and often spreads by escaping from the gardens.

It is easily recognized by the grayish color of the leaves, by the reddish stems and by the very small white or slightly pink flowers. Like the lamio, the savory belongs to the labiate family and is related to noble herbs such as thyme, lavender and sage.

There savory it blooms throughout the summer and also for this reason it can be found in abundance. If you want to grow it, you have to sow it between February and March in hot countries, in April in the north. The soil he prefers is light and quite fertile. Once started, the cultivation will stand on its own if you let any plants go to seed. The only risk is that it escapes from the garden.

Preparations and uses of savory. For the infusion, a scant handful of fresh or dried savory is used in a liter of water. You can drink 2 to 4 cups a day, one in the evening before going to bed. The decoction is made with a handful and a half per liter of water and is used for frictions and massages, often alternating with fenugreek decoction. In the kitchen you can use a sprig to facilitate the digestion of more greasy meat dishes.

An ancient preparation based on savory (but not only) is that of the complex infusion against impotence. 6 pinches of savory, 2 of rosemary, 2 of mint and 2 of verbena in 1 liter of water. The recipes say to drink a cup of it in the morning and in the evening for 40 days, after which it is switched to the infusion alone for 3 days savory prepared with 6 pinches of grass in a cup of boiling water.

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