How to build a wooden dog house

Today we will explain to youhow to build a wooden dog house starting from recycled materials (wood found from old furniture or tables) or with specially cut wood.

An 80 cm PVC doghouse can cost around 110 euros, prices soar when it comes toeasy to clean wooden kennels. Anyone who intends to reduce costs can think ofbuild a dog house with DIY.

As stated, the wood you need forbuild the dog's bedit can be found both from old furniture (so as to almost completely eliminate expenses) and purchased in a carpentry or in a DIY store. Both in the carpentry and in the DIY store, they will be able to arrange the cutting for you, so we advise you to go there with all the necessary specifications (the measurements of each section of wood you need).

If you intend to cut the wood yourself to make the doghouse, you will need specific tools such as a jigsaw and sandpaper to smooth the cutting surfaces.

Let's see the materials needed to build onewooden doghouse:

  • Nail shooter with nails (or the classic hammer, or again, for slim and small kennels you will need a wall stapler)
  • Vinyl glue
  • Wood sections with varying sizes according to needs. You will need:
    -two fronts (one of which must be perforated which constitutes the door)
    -a base that must be as wide as the fronts and as long as the sides
    -two sides as long as the base and as high as the fronts
    -of wooden sections for the roof

To make you better understand how to build a wooden doghouse we report two videos ofdo-it-yourself.

The first uses virgin material, the second sees the use of recovered wood from platforms (pallets) and old kitchen furniture. Pallets are readily available for cheap or free, at department stores, job sites or storage sites.

For build a dog house easier to clean, we advise you to provide a sunroof and not fixed as shown in the previous video. Thanks to the sunroof you will have the possibility to clean the kennel more easily.

At the end of the construction work, it will be necessary to waterproof the wood and prepare "feet"so as to separate the kennel from the ground.

Sample sizes for the sections you will need a build the dog's bed:

For build a medium kennel
Sections dimensions: Side 82 x Depth 100 x Height 90 cm
Entrance dimensions: Side 31 x Height 40 cm

For build a large doghouse
External dimensions: Side 100 x Depth 130 x Height 105 cm
Dimensions of the entrance: Side 31 x Height 42 cm

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