How to sow in the open ground or in a seedbed

How to sow in the open ground or in a seedbed

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How to sowin the garden in the open ground, in seedbeds, in jars for germination or again, with the adhesive tape method; in this article we will see all the techniques to best perform thesowing.

How to sow, soil preparation

Whatever the method ofsowing, before planting the seeds on a ground, this must be suitably prepared. To prepare the soil for sowing it will be necessary to soften the first layers of soil according to the type of seed to be planted. Generally it is advisable to move the first 30 cm of soil, remove debris, old roots, weed residues, stones and too compact clods; for the arrangement of the superficial layers of the soil, after having chopped up the larger clods, it is advisable to prick the soil with a rake with strong and pointed teeth.

How to sow in a seedbed

The reasons that can lead us to choose the sowinginseedbedare many; we are talking about climatic reasons, yield reasons, to shorten germination times or to keep seeds safe from local birds. There are many on the markettrays for seedbedsbut we advise you tooptfor thedo-it-yourself: you just have to take an old one tray of ice cream, a polystyrene box (like that of the butcher's) a saucer ... or any container that can be pierced and on which to place several layers of absorbent paper or a little soft soil specific for sowing. In this context, we refer you to the articles:
- Germinate the seeds with the paper towel method
–How to sprout seeds

How to sow in the open ground

For sow in the garden there are those who use manual seeders or opt for i sowing methods traditional:broadcast, striped or small pockets.

The seed should be distributed as evenly as possible on the ground. Broadcasting is recommended for growing spinach, cut chicory, lettuce, turnip greens ...

Sowing in rows
This is the classic row sowing, it is among the most popular methods because it allows you to distribute the seed evenly but on a straight line so as to make all cultivation work easier, starting from weeding and fertilizing. All vegetables can be sown in rows, even those traditionally sown by broadcasting.

Sowing in postarelle (buchette)
The planting of the seed takes place in special named holespostarelle or buchette. In this context, from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6-8 seeds are placed in each hole, depending on the vegetable and yield. Hole sowing is very common for beans and green beans, for pumpkin and courgettes, melon ...

The seeder

In the home garden, sowing is done by hand, of course, there are manual seedersbut their use is recommended only when the garden is very large. In the industrial field, tractor-pulled seeders are used while small landowners employ smaller seed distributors.
In the home, those who wish can buy small manual seeders, prices start at 10 euros. Both in the industrial and domestic sectors, isowing belts.

How to sow, the phases of the moon
Theremoonhas always influenced agricultural activities, in particular thesowing, since the dawn of time. Learn more about Moon and sowing

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